create_task Function

Creates a PPL task object. create_task can be used anywhere you would have used a task constructor. It is provided mainly for convenience, because it allows use of the auto keyword while creating tasks.

   typename _Ty
auto create_task(
) -> task<typename details::_TaskTypeFromParam<_Ty>::_Type>;

   typename _Ty
auto create_task(
   cancellation_token _Token
) -> task<typename details::_TaskTypeFromParam<_Ty>::_Type>;


  • _Ty
    The type of the parameter from which the task is to be constructed.

  • _Param
    The parameter from which the task is to be constructed. This could be a lambda or function object, a task_completion_event object, a different task object, or a Windows::Foundation::IAsyncInfo interface if you are using tasks in your Windows Store app.

  • _Token
    The cancellation token to associate with the task. When the source for this token is canceled, cancellation will be requested on the task.

Return Value

A new task of type T, that is inferred from _Param.


For more detailed info, including examples, see Task Parallelism (Concurrency Runtime).

The first overload behaves like a task constructor that takes a single parameter.

The second overload associates the cancellation token provided with the newly created task. If you use this overload you are not allowed to pass in a different task object as the first parameter.

The type of the returned task is inferred from the first parameter to the function. If _Param is a task_completion_event<T>, a task<T>, or a functor that returns either type T or task<T>, the type of the created task is task<T>.

In a Windows Store app, if _Param is of type Windows::Foundation::IAsyncOperation<TResult>^ or Windows::Foundation::IAsyncOperationWithProgress<TResult,TProgress>^, or a functor that returns either of those types, the created task will be of type task<T>. If _Param is of type Windows::Foundation::IAsyncAction^ or Windows::Foundation::IAsyncActionWithProgress<TProgress>^, or a functor that returns either of those types, the created task will have type task<void>.

Although the create_task function and the task constructor do not throw, it is important to understand how exception handling works when you retrieve a task’s result. For more info, see Tasks and Continuations.


Header: ppltasks.h

Namespace: concurrency

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