What's New in Team Foundation Build

When you install or upgrade to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012, you and your team can benefit from new features.

Define a build process

Run, monitor, and manage your builds

  • In the new Builds page in Team Explorer:

    • Create, modify, and delete build definitions.

    • See and manage all builds triggered by you.

    • Use My Favorite Build Definitions to organize and then easily access and get information about the builds that matter most to you.

    See Run, Monitor, and Manage Builds.

  • You can pause a build definition to allow new builds to be queued and set to a paused state until you re-enable the build definition or manually start one of the queued builds. See Create a Build Definition.

  • You can retry a completed build definition, which queues a new build using the same options you specified for the completed build. See Queue a Build.

Administer Team Foundation Build