SplitMethod Enumeration

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)


Public Enumeration SplitMethod
public enum SplitMethod
public enum class SplitMethod
type SplitMethod
public enum SplitMethod


Member name Description
Balanced This method will split the database into two roughly balanced databases (by usage). Active tenants and inactive tenants are evenly distributed across both sides of the split. Since this method does not consider the number of tenants split or the last access times it can potentially be the most significant to active tenants
LastAccess This method will select a split in such a way that tenants with the oldest access times (and therefore presumably more inactive) are chosen ahead of tenants with recent access times
LeastTenants This method will select a split that will affect the least total number of tenants while it tries to partition the database optimally by size usage. Note that because it minimizes the number of affected tenants it may not achieve a reasonable balance of active and inactive tenants (that is In a database of 20 tenants it may split out the top 5 largest tenants and leave behind the bottom 15 -- this will only affect 5 tenants [whereas Balanced would likely affect ~10 tenants] -- but the result may not be balanced with regard to tenant activity [only by overall usage])

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