Common Tasks in Office Programming

This topic is designed to help you find the answers to the following categories of common questions about programming Office solutions by using Visual Studio.

  • Setup and general tasks.

  • User interface customization tasks.

  • Excel automation tasks.

  • Word automation tasks.

  • Data tasks.

  • Server-side document management tasks.

  • Security tasks.

  • Deployment tasks.

Setup and General Tasks

User Interface Customization Tasks

Controls on Documents and Worksheets

Task Panes in Document-Level Customizations

Task Panes in Application-Level Add-Ins

Ribbon Customizations

Outlook Form Regions

Custom Menus

Excel Automation Tasks

Word Automation Tasks

Data Tasks

Data-bound Controls

Cached Data in Document-Level Solutions

Custom XML Data

Server-side Document Management Tasks

Security Tasks

Deployment Tasks

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