/WINMDDELAYSIGN (Partially Sign a winmd)

Enables partial signing of a Windows Runtime Metadata (.winmd) file by putting the public key in the file.



Resembles the /DELAYSIGN linker option that is applied to the .winmd file. Use /WINMDDELAYSIGN if you want to put only the public key in the .winmd file. By default, the linker acts as if /WINMDDELAYSIGN:NO were specified; that is, it does not sign the winmd file.

To set this linker option in the Visual Studio development environment

  1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. For details, see Modifying Project Properties.

  2. Select the Linker folder.

  3. Select the Windows Metadata property page.

  4. In the Windows Metadata Delay Sign drop-down list box, select the option you want.

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