Task List, Environment, Options Dialog Box

This Options page allows you to add, delete, and change the comment tokens that generate Task List reminders. To display these settings, select Options from the Tools menu, expand the Environment folder, and choose Task List.

Task List options

  • Confirm deletion of tasks
    When selected, a message box is displayed whenever a User Task is deleted from the Task List, allowing you to confirm the deletion. This option is selected by default.


    To delete a Task Comment, use the link to find the comment, and then remove it from your code.

  • Show file names only
    When selected, the File column of the Task List displays only the names of files to be edited, not their full paths.


When you insert a comment into your code whose text begins with a token from the Token List, the Task List displays your comment as new entry whenever the file is opened for editing. You can click this Task List entry to jump directly to the comment line in your code. For more information, see Using the Task List.

  • Token List
    Displays a list of tokens, and allows you to add or remove custom tokens. Comment tokens are case sensitive in Visual C# and Visual C++, but not in Visual Basic.


    If you do not type the desired token exactly as it appears in the Token List, a comment task will not be displayed in the Task List.

  • Priority
    Sets the priority of tasks that use the selected token. Task comments that begin with this token are automatically assigned the designated priority in the Task List.

  • Name
    Enter the token string. This enables the Add button. On Add, this string is included in the Token List, and comments that begin with this name will be displayed in the Task List.

  • Add
    Enabled when you enter a new Name. Click to add a new token string using the values entered in the Name and Priority fields.

  • Delete
    Click to delete the selected token from the Token List. You cannot delete the default comment token.

  • Change
    Click to make changes to an existing token using the values entered in the Name and Priority fields.


    You cannot rename or delete the default comment token, but you can change its priority level.

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