Compiler Warning C4439

'function' : function definition with a managed type in the signature must have a __clrcall calling convention

The compiler implicitly replaced a calling convention with __clrcall. To resolve this warning, remove the __cdecl or __stdcall calling convention.

C4439 is always issued as an error. You can turn off this warning with the #pragma warning or /wd; see warning or /w, /Wn, /WX, /Wall, /wln, /wdn, /wen, /won (Warning Level) for more information.


The following sample generates C4439.

// C4439.cpp
// compile with: /clr
void __stdcall f( System::String^ arg ) {}   // C4439
void __clrcall f2( System::String^ arg ) {}   // OK
void f3( System::String^ arg ) {}   // OK