Reviewing Test Results

After you run tests, you can review your test results to see which tests passed and which tests failed. For tests that you run from a test plan by using Microsoft Test Manager you can review your test results, assign a reason for a failed test, and assign a resolution.

You can view all these test results for a test plan using pre-defined test reports or by creating your own custom reports. If your team uses a project portal, you can view the pre-defined reports on the Test Dashboard. You can access the project portal from the Track view in the Testing Center for Microsoft Test Manager. For more information about the project portal information, see Test Dashboard (Agile). For more information about how to report on your testing progress, see Reporting on Testing Progress for Test Plans.

For tests that you run from the Visual Studio, you can save and then reopen your test results to analyze them. You can also publish these test results to Team Foundation Server. However, these test results are not used in the pre-defined test reports and cannot be associated with a test plan.

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Analyze Test Runs: View individual test results and see all previous runs for tests. Or you can view an entire test run. You can assign a reason for a failed test, add a resolution, create bugs that are associated with the test, and add comments.

Save and Open Test Results in Visual Studio: There are several ways to save and open test results. Which way is best for you depends on how you want to use the results.

Run an Automated Test as a Manual Test to Investigate Issues: If you run an automated test that fails, you can manually step through the test steps to determine if there is an issue with the application under test or with the test itself.

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