Initializes the global security cookie.

void __security_init_cookie(void);


The global security cookie is used for buffer overrun protection in code compiled with /GS (Buffer Security Check) and in code that uses exception handling. Essentially, on entry to an overrun-protected function, the cookie is put on the stack, and on exit, the value on the stack is compared against the global cookie. Any difference between them indicates that a buffer overrun has occurred and results in immediate termination of the program.

Normally, __security_init_cookie is called by the CRT when it starts up. If you bypass CRT initialization (for example, by writing a DLL and specifying an entry-point with /ENTRY), then you must call __security_init_cookie yourself.

The call to __security_init_cookie must be made before any overrun-protected function is entered; otherwise a spurious buffer overrun will be detected. For more information, see C Run-Time Error R6035.


See the examples in C Run-Time Error R6035.



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For more compatibility information, see Compatibility in the Introduction.

.NET Framework Equivalent

Not applicable. This function should only be called from native code, not managed.

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