Examples of Moderate Topology

You can configure Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in several topology configurations. Generally speaking, the simpler the topology, the more easily you can maintain a deployment of Team Foundation Server. You should deploy the simplest topology that meets your business needs. This topic describes a moderately complex topology, in which the logical components of the data and application tiers of Team Foundation are installed on separate physical servers. Client computers within the trusted domains can access Team Foundation Server.

A Moderate Server Topology

A moderate topology will use two or more servers to host the logical components of the data and application tiers of Team Foundation. The following illustration demonstrates a moderately complex topology for Team Foundation Server:

Moderate Server Topology

In this example, the services for Team Foundation Server are deployed on one server, referred to as an application-tier server, and the databases for Team Foundation Server are installed on a separate server, referred to as a data-tier server. A separate server hosts the SharePoint Web application that Team Foundation Server uses, and another server hosts the instance of SQL Server Reporting Services that Team Foundation Server uses. The portal for each team project is hosted on the SharePoint Web application. Therefore, the administrator must configure permissions for the users of that project on that Web application. The same consideration applies to configuring permission for users in SQL Server Reporting Services. Team Foundation Build and the team's test controllers are deployed on additional servers. In this illustration, the domain for the Cleveland clients is a child domain of the parent domain in Seattle. The child domain has a two-way transitive trust relationship with its parent domain. The service account for Team Foundation Server is trusted by both domains. Users in the child domain can access the server, and they are authenticated automatically by Windows integrated authentication. In this configuration, Team Foundation Server Proxy is required and installed in the Cleveland office. This example is designed for a moderately sized product development team that has fewer than 1,000 users.

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