Using the Task List

The task list helps you create and manage a list of programming tasks and TODO comments.

To display the task list, click View/Task List. To sort the list, click any column header. To sort the results of the first sort, press SHIFT + the column header.

Task Categories

There are three categories of task, which you display by selecting a category in the dropdown box on the task list toolbar:

  1. Comments: TODO comments in the code. These are any comments in which TODO (or todo, Todo, etc.) appears as the first word in the comment. You can remove these comments by deleting the comment or the word TODO. These comments are mostly used in Visual Basic and C# projects. C++ TODO comments are not displayed by default in the task list, but you can make them visible by setting Tools/Options/Text Editor/C/C++/Formatting/Enumerate Comment Tasks to true.

  2. Shortcuts: links to locations in the code that you have specified with Edit/Bookmarks/Add Task List Shortcut. Use the checkbox to the right of the shortcut to mark it as completed. To remove a shortcut, click Edit/Bookmarks/Remove Task List Shortcut, or click Delete on the context menu.

  3. User Tasks: notes that you create by selecting the User Task category and clicking the Add User Task button. Use the checkbox to the right of the task to mark it as completed. You can delete a user task by clicking Delete on the context menu.

You can specify task list options in the Tools/Options/Environment/Task List tab, including whether or not to display full paths for the file names and whether or not a dialog box confirming deletions should be displayed. You can also add to the set of tokens that are considered to be TODO comments and set the priority of existing tokens.

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