Getting Started with Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2012

You can use the articles in this section of the documentation to start exploring the features in Visual C++. Look here to find out what’s new, what’s changed, what’s supported, and what’s possible with Visual C++.

If you want to get a copy of Visual Studio 2012, find documentation about how to use Visual Studio to create apps, or find videos, sample code, and community links for Visual Studio, start with Visual Studio 2012.

For an overview of the Visual C++ compiler tools and the libraries that are available for developing Windows Store apps, Windows desktop apps, and Windows console and server apps, and an overview of parallel programming and the standard C++ libraries, see Visual C++.

If you are new to programming in C++, you can learn about C++, get an overview of Modern C++, and find links to books, articles, talks, and events by going to the Standard C++ website.



What's New for Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2012

Outlines the new features in the Visual C++ language and libraries, and in the development environment.

Breaking Changes in Visual C++

Lists functionality that has changed since earlier versions.

Overview of Windows Programming in C++

Discusses the various approaches for creating Windows applications and components in C++.

Supported Platforms (Visual C++)

Lists which platforms can be targeted by apps built by using Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2012.

Visual C++ Help and Community

Lists additional resources for getting help and learning about Visual C++.

What's New in Visual Studio 2012

Describes the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2012.

Develop Windows Store apps using Visual Studio 2012

Describes features for developers who are creating Windows Store apps.

Roadmap for Windows Store apps using C++

Provides a high-level listing of topics about how to use Visual C++ to create Windows Store apps and components.

Visual Studio Community

Lists additional resources for getting help, finding add-ins, filing bugs, and making suggestions for Visual Studio.

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