ATL Database Classes (OLE DB Templates)

Microsoft provides several implementations of OLE DB, a set of COM interfaces that provide uniform access to data in diverse information sources and formats.

The OLE DB Templates are C++ templates in ATL that make the high-performance OLE DB database technology easier to use by providing classes that implement many of the commonly used OLE DB interfaces.

This template library contains two parts:

In addition, the OLE DB consumer attributes provide a convenient way to create OLE DB consumers. The OLE DB attributes inject code based on the OLE DB consumer templates to create working OLE DB consumers.

Note that the MFC library contains one class, COleDBRecordView, that displays database records in controls. The view is a form view directly connected to a CRowset object, and displays the fields of the CRowset object in the dialog template's controls.

For more information, see OLE DB Programming and OLE DB Programmer's Guide.

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