Loading All Imports for a Delay-Loaded DLL

The __HrLoadAllImportsForDll function, which is defined in delayhlp.cpp, tells the linker to load all imports from a DLL that was specified with the /delayload linker option.

Loading all imports allows you to put error handling in one place in your code and not have to use exception handling around the actual calls to the imports. It also avoids a situation where your application fails partially through a process as a result of the helper code failing to load an import.

Calling __HrLoadAllImportsForDll does not change the behavior of hooks and error handling; see Error Handling and Notification for more information.

The DLL name passed to __HrLoadAllImportsForDll is compared to the name stored inside the DLL itself and is case sensitive.

The following example shows how to call __HrLoadAllImportsForDll:

if (FAILED(__HrLoadAllImportsForDll("delay1.dll"))) {
   printf ( "failed on snap load, exiting\n" );

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