A solution is a grouping of one or more projects that work together to create an application. The project and status information that pertain to the solution are stored in two solution files, a text-based solution (.sln) file and a binary solution user option (.suo) file. These files are similar to the group (.vbg) files that were used in earlier versions of Visual Basic, and the workspace (.dsw) files and user options (.opt) files that were used in earlier versions of Visual C++.

In This Section

  • Solutions Overview
    Discusses the types of solution files included in a solution, and the process that occurs when a solution is opened.
  • Project Types
    Provides information about projects, the basic building blocks of solutions.

  • Automation Model
    Discusses a secondary way to extend Visual Studio.

  • Projects and Solutions
    Describes how to use Visual Studio projects and solutions to organize code files and resource files, and how to implement source control.