ImportWorkitemTypeException.Type Enumeration

Further classification of the WorkitemType exception.

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.dll)


Public Enumeration Type
public enum Type
public enum class Type
type Type
public enum Type


Member name Description
AuthorizeActionChangesForcedRollback Authorize action changes forced rollback.

AuthorizeFieldChanges Authorize field changes.

AuthorizeRuleChanges Authorize rule changes.

AuthorizeRuleChangesForcedRollback Authorize rule changes forced rollback.

AuthorizeWorkItemTypeChangesForcedRollback Authorize work item type changes forced rollback.

BadAdminCannotAddRuleOnCoreFields Bad admin cannot add rule on core fields.

BadAdminDataBadTreeNodeTypeOrdering Bad admin data bad tree node type ordering.

BadAdminDataDeletedParentOfUndeletedNode Bad admin data deleted parent of undeleted node.

BadAdminDataDenyAdminNotAllowed Bad admin data deny admin not allowed.

BadAdminDataFieldsOutOfRange Bad admin data fields out of range.

BadAdminDataInvalidFieldName Bad admin data invalid field name.

BadAdminDataInvalidFieldReferenceName Bad admin data invalid field reference name.

BadAdminDataInvalidFieldType Bad admin data invalid field type.

BadAdminDataRuleEnforcementIsNotImplemented Bad admin data rule enforcement is not implemented.

BadAdminDataRuleFlagsNonEditable Bad admin data rule flags non-editable.

BadAdminDataTypeCannotChangeAfterFieldHasBeenUsed Bad admin data type cannot change after field has been used.

BadAdminDataUndeletedNodeOfDeletedParent Bad admin data undeleted node of deleted parent.

BadAdminDataUnimplementedReadRuleCondition Bad admin data unimplemented read rule condition.

BadAdminDataUnusedTreeNodeType Bad admin data unused tree node type.

ChangeActionAlreadyChanged Change action already changed.

ChangeFieldAlreadyChanged Change field already changed.

ChangeFieldCoreField Change field core field.

ChangeFieldNotAllowed Change field not allowed.

ChangeFieldUsageAlreadyChanged Change field usage already changed.

ChangeFieldUsageCreate Change field usage create.

ChangeRuleAlreadyChanged Change rule already changed.

ChangeRuleRuleNonEditable Rule is not editable.

ChangeRuleSetSetADObject Set AD object.

ChangeRuleSetSetAlreadyChanged Change rule set already changed.

ChangeWorkItemTypeAlreadyChanged Change work item type already changed.

ChangeWorkItemTypeFailedInsert Change work item type failed insert

ChangeWorkItemTypeFailedInsertCoreFields Change work item type failed core fields.

ChangeWorkItemTypeInvalidProjectID Change work item type invalid project ID.

ChangeWorkItemTypeUsageAlreadyChanged Change work item type usage already changed.

DuplicateLink Duplicate link.

LookupRulePersonScopeNotADObject Lookup rule person scope not AD object.

LookupRuleRuleTreeScopeInvalid Rule tree scope invalid.

LookupRuleTreeIdNotFound Tree ID not found.


Other An exception that is not described by any other item in this enum.

RebuildCallersViewsInvalidDomainName Invalid domain name.

RelatedLinkRelatedToSelf Related link links back to itself.

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