Delete a completed build

When you no longer need the files and data that are part of a completed build, you can delete some or all of these items.


The data you delete using this procedure cannot be recovered.

Required Permissions

To complete this task, you must have the Delete builds permission set to Allow. For more information, see Permission reference for Team Foundation Server.

Delete a completed build

To delete a completed build

  1. In Team Explorer:

    1. If you are not already connected to the team project that you want to work in, then connect to the team project.

    2. Choose Home iconHome, and then choose Builds IconBuilds.

  2. On the Builds page, does the completed build you want to delete appear under My Builds?

    • Yes: under My Builds, open the shortcut menu for the completed build, and then choose Delete.

    • No: under All Build Definitions, open the shortcut menu for the build definition, and then choose View Builds.

      The Build Explorer window opens.

      1. Choose the Completed tab to display a list of the completed builds.

        You can use the filters located on the toolbar to filter the completed builds by build definition name, build quality or the date-range on which the builds were completed.

      2. Select each of the completed builds that you want to delete, open their shortcut menu, and then choose Delete.

    The Delete Build dialog box appears.

  3. (Optional) By default, all the items that are associated with a completed build are selected for deletion. You can clear the check box for one or more items that you want to keep:

    • Details: Information about the completed build that is displayed in Build Explorer. This information, which is stored on your Team Foundation Server, includes build steps, requestor, and date and time queued.


      If the staging location is set to Copy build output to the server, then you must also delete the Drop (TF400956).

    • Drop: File and folders output by the build and copied to the drop location.

    • Test Results: Results of any automated tests executed during the build process or results of any test published against this build.

    • Label: The version control marker associated with the specific file versions used by the build process.

    • Symbols: The debugging symbols published to a symbol server during the build.


After you choose Delete, this action cannot be undone.

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