Track work with Visual Studio ALM and TFS

To get familiar with the TFS tools used to plan projects, track progress, and collaborate as a team, read the following topics.

Sequence image for create a backlog

Create your team’s backlog


Create backlogs for several project portfolios

Sequence image for working on the backlog

Track progress using the Kanban board


Track progress using the task board

Sequence image for visualize progress (charting)

View charts of query results

Sequence image for collaborating in a team room

Discuss work in progress, ask questions, and share status

Sequence image for storyboarding ideas

Visualize the user experience

Sequence image for getting tfeedback

Request feedback on working app from stakeholders

If you need to create a team project, then start here. If it’s your first time connecting to TFS, go here.

To learn about new features that were added since the last release, read What's new in planning and tracking.

Dig deeper

Once you've started using TFS, you can increase your productivity and collaboration efforts by using additional tools and functionality that TFS provides.

Conceptual image for working as a team

Collaborate using team resources

Conceptual image for search and query

Query for work items

Conceptual image for linking objects

Link work items to support traceability

Conceptual image for client tools

Choose the Team Foundation client to support your tasks

Conceptual image for process template artifacts

Work with team project artifacts, choose a process template

Conceptual image for reports

Create, customize, and manage reports

Conceptual image for customization tasks

Customize the work tracking experience

Conceptual image for synchronization

Synchronize TFS with Project Server