Triage workbook

The Triage workbook lets you rank and assign bugs to be worked on for an iteration, also referred to as a sprint. Triage is the process that a team uses to review newly reported or reopened bugs, assign a priority and iteration to them, and assign a team member to fix them. Triage is typically driven by the product owner or the scrum master, with input from the team.

The default workbook query shows a flat list of all active bugs that are defined for the team project.


When you open the workbook, choose Edit Workbook next to Server Workbook so that you can modify the workbook.

If the workbook is not available to you, open the Triage shared query by using Team Explorer or Microsoft Excel.

Bugs listed in the Triage workbook

Use the Triage workbook to manage active bugs. The Triage worksheet references the Triage team query, which is configured to find all active bugs for the team project. The following illustration shows an example of the workbook in Office Excel.

Example triage workbook

To learn more about working with a query list in Excel, see Bulk add or modify work items with Excel.


  • To open a workbook in Office Excel, you must have the Team Foundation Office Integration add-in installed on your client computer. This add-in is installed when you install any product in Visual Studio ALM.

  • Workbooks are stored on the server that hosts SharePoint Products for your team project. If a project portal has not been enabled for your team project, you cannot access the workbook. For more information, see Configure or redirect process guidance.

  • To view a team query, you must be assigned or belong to a group that has been assigned Read permissions for the team query folder for the team project. To modify a query, you must be assigned or belong to a group that has been assigned Contribute or Full Control permissions for the team query. For more information, see Set permissions on queries.

  • To create or modify work items, you must be a member of the Contributors group or your View work items in this node and Edit work items in this node permissions must be set to Allow. For more information, see Add users to teams and projects.