IVirtualProcessorRoot::Activate Method

Causes the thread proxy associated with the execution context interface pContext to start executing on this virtual processor root.

virtual void Activate(
   _Inout_ IExecutionContext * pContext
) =0;


  • pContext
    An interface to the execution context that will be dispatched on this virtual processor root.


The Resource Manager will supply a thread proxy if one is not associated with the execution context interface pContext

The Activate method can be used to start executing work on a new virtual processor root returned by the Resource Manager, or to resume the thread proxy on a virtual processor root that has deactivated or is about to deactivate. See IVirtualProcessorRoot::Deactivate for more information on deactivation. When you are resuming a deactivated virtual processor root, the parameter pContext must be the same as the parameter used to deactivate the virtual processor root.

Once a virtual processor root has been activated for the first time, subsequent pairs of calls to Deactivate and Activate may race with each other. This means it is acceptable for the Resource Manager to receive a call to Activate before it receives the Deactivate call it was meant for.

When you activate a virtual processor root, you signal to the Resource Manager that this virtual processor root is currently busy with work. If your scheduler cannot find any work to execute on this root, it is expected to invoke the Deactivate method informing the Resource Manager that the virtual processor root is idle. The Resource Manager uses this data to load balance the system.

invalid_argument is thrown if the argument pContext has the value NULL.

invalid_operation is thrown if the argument pContext does not represent the execution context that was most recently dispatched by this virtual processor root.

The act of activating a virtual processor root increases the subscription level of the underlying hardware thread by one. For more information on subscription levels, see IExecutionResource::CurrentSubscriptionLevel.


Header: concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency

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