Constructs a SafeInt object.

SafeInt() throw

SafeInt (
   const T& i
) throw ()

SafeInt (
   bool b
) throw ()

template <typename U>
SafeInt (
   const SafeInt <U, E>& u

I template <typename U>
SafeInt (
   const U& i


  • [in] i
    The value for the new SafeInt object. This must be a parameter of type T or U, depending on the constructor.

  • [in] b
    The Boolean value for the new SafeInt object.

  • [in] u
    A SafeInt of type U. The new SafeInt object will have the same value as u, but will be of type T.

  • U
    The type of data stored in the SafeInt. This can be either a Boolean, character, or integer type. If it is an integer type, it can be signed or unsigned and be between 8 and 64 bits.


For more information about the template types T and E, see SafeInt Class.

The input parameter for the constructor, i or u, must be a Boolean, character, or integer type. If it is another type of parameter, the SafeInt class calls static_assert to indicate an invalid input parameter.

The constructors that use the template type U automatically convert the input parameter to the type specified by T. The SafeInt class converts the data without any loss of data. It reports to the error handler E if it cannot convert the data to type T without data loss.

If you create a SafeInt from a Boolean parameter, you need to initialize the value immediately. You cannot construct a SafeInt using the code SafeInt<bool> sb;. This will generate a compile error.


Header: safeint.h

Namespace: msl::utilities

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