Track your work when assigned to two or more teams

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If you work on more than one team, you'll want to switch between teams easily and specify your sprint capacity to support each team's sprint activities.

Switch your team view

Switch to another team to work on items for that team. In Team Web Access (TWA), choose Browse All if the name you want doesn't appear.

Choose another team from the team project menu

From Team Explorer, switch teams from the Connect page.

Connect page, lists two connected team projects

Specify sprint capacity for each team you work on

If you work on more than one team during a sprint cycle, you'll probably allocate some percentage of your time to each team. For example, Adam Barr splits his time between the Web and Phone teams. He therefore allocates 3 hours a day to the Web team, and 4 hours a day to the Phone team. Also, he sets the same number of days off.

Allocate capacity for team Web

If your name isn't listed in the capacity view, you need to be added as a team member.

Allocate capacity for team Phone