Architecture reference

Administering Team Foundation Server (TFS) is much easier if you understand its architecture, naming conventions, services, and dependencies.

Ports and communications simple diagram



Naming restrictions in Team Foundation

A reference of naming restrictions in TFS.

Team Foundation Server architecture

Learn about the architecture of TFS, including web services, topologies, ports and protocols, and default settings.

Naming conventions for work item tracking objects

All work item tracking objects have reference names used internally by TFS.

Compatibility between Team Foundation clients and Team Foundation Server

Understand the limitations or restrictions that occur in earlier versions of Team Explorer that connect to Team Foundation Server 2013.

Configure Team Foundation Build Service to Use Team Foundation Server Proxy

You can configure Team Foundation Build Service to retrieve files from Team Foundation Server Proxy by modifying a registry entry on the server that is running Team Foundation Build Service.

Team Foundation Background Job Agent

Learn about the general scheduling mechanism for Web services and jobs for Team Foundation.

Service accounts and dependencies in Team Foundation Server

Service accounts must function correctly for TFS to operate. Learn about how they work in various kinds of deployments, including interactions with other programs.