Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core.WebServices Namespace


Class Description
Public class AccessControlWebService The Access Control Service
Public class AdministrationWebService
Public class CatalogWebService
Public class ConnectedServicesWebService
Public class EventWebService
Public class FileHandlerWebService
Public class FrameworkHttpHandler
Public class FrameworkTemplateHeader Metadata describing a process template
Public class FrameworkWebService
Public class IdentityManagementWebService
Public class IdentityManagementWebService2
Public class JobWebService
Public class LocationWebService
Public class MessageQueueWebService
Public class MessageQueueWebService2
Public class MethodologyDownloadHandler
Public class MethodologyUploadHandler Handles HTTP file uploads from clients.
Public class ProcessTemplateWebService
Public class PropertyWebService
Public class Registration Summary description for Registration.
Public class RegistryWebService
Public class SecurityWebService The web service used for providing security information.
Public class ServiceIdentity2012 Represents the service identity known to the system This is a compatibility class for SOAP serialization from the 2012 web service
Public class StrongBoxHttpUploadHandler
Public class StrongBoxWebService
Public class TeamFoundationHttpHandler The TeamFoundationHttpHandler is designed to be a base class for service developers to build custom handlers and provides an integration point between the services code and the Team Foundation framework.
Public class TeamFoundationWebService The TeamFoundationWebService is a base class provided by the framework to help service developers integrate with the framework infrastructure.
Public class TeamProjectCollectionWebService
Public class TraceToggle