Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core Namespace


Class Description
Public class ApplicationTierTimeoutException The application tier has failed to respond in a timely manner.
Public class CatalogData This is a class who's sole purpose is for serialization of catalog data over the web service.
Public class CatalogDependencyGroup
Public class CatalogDependencyTable
Public class CatalogNode
Public class CatalogNodeDependency
Public class CatalogNodeDoesNotExistException Thrown when an operation is performed on a non-existent node.
Public class CatalogNodeTable
Public class CatalogPath
Public class CatalogResource
Public class CatalogResourceDoesNotExistException Thrown when an operation is performed on a non-existent resource.
Public class CatalogResourceTable
Public class CatalogResourceType
Public class CatalogResourceTypeConstraints The class for specifying the constraints that should be placed on a resource type.
Public class CatalogResourceTypeDoesNotExistException Thrown when a resource with an invalid resource type is created.
Public class CatalogRuleValidationUtility
Public class CatalogServiceReference Contains details about a service definition reference. This is used for passing resources over a web service and reading from the database.
Public class CatalogTransactionContext
Public class ClientCancelException The client connection was disconnected by the client.
Public class ConnectedService This class has all the "public" information but also the secret data as well. It *does not* serialize the secret values, those are fetched from the client on demand.
Public class ConnectedServiceCreationData This class contains all the information needed to create a connected servcie.
Public class ConnectedServiceDeletedEvent This event gets fired when a connected service gets deleted.
Public class ConnectedServiceMetadata This class contains the "public" information of a ConnectedService. This includes Name, FriendlyName, kind, and Description. Used by Clients to display This information without revealing the secret info and used when reading from the database
Public class ConversationThread
Public class CorruptHeadersException
Public class DataChangedEvent
Public class DefaultTagProvider<T> Default tag provider, backed by the property service and no security
Public class DeleteConstraints Class for defining constraints around how a node can be deleted.
Public class DeleteSelfException User cannot delete himself.
Public class DeleteValidationSpec
Public class DeliveryPreference
Public class DemandFeatureAttribute Action filter attribute to mark controllers or actions for certain license levels. Bypasses license check on hosted. By default, all controllers and actions are in standard mode. WIOV access should be specified to controllers or actions explicitely.
Public class DependencyConstraint Class for defining constraints around dependencies.
Public class DestroyedContentUnavailableException This exception is thrown from the DownloadHandler if the FileId was the destroyed item FileId.
Public class DownloadFromMidTierAbortedException
Public class DownloadHandler
Public class DownloadTicketValidationException Thrown when the download ticket is not able to be verified. This could be a malformed ticket (e.g. missing or negative file ID), an expired ticket or the crypto provider was unable to validate the signature.
Public class DuplicateTagNameException DuplicateTagNameException - this type is to be used by SqlExceptionFactory ONLY.
Public class DuplicateTagProviderException Thrown when more than one tag provider for the same artifact kind exists in the system.
Public class ExistencePerParentTypeConstraint Class for defining constraints around exclusivity of this type for a given parent type.
Public class ExistencePerRootConstraint Class for defining constraints around exclusivity of this type in a given tree.
Public class FileCacheService
Public class FileHttpHandler
Public class FileInformation
Public class FileRepositoryProperties
Public class IdentityEmailChangedNotification The IdentityEmailChangedNotification for In-Process notification that the preferred email address has changed.
Public class IdentityUtil This class needs to go away once TFIMS is gone.
Public class InvalidCatalogDeleteNodeException Thrown when an invalid delete is attempted.
Public class InvalidCatalogNodeMoveException Thrown when there is an invalid move is attempted.
Public class InvalidCatalogNodePathException Thrown when we encounter an invalid path.
Public class InvalidCatalogSaveNodeException Thrown when an attempt is made to save an invalid node.
Public class InvalidCatalogSaveResourceException Thrown when an attempt is made to save an invalid resource.
Public class InvalidRegistryException
Public class InvalidTagArtifactKindException
Public class InvalidTagArtifactTypeException
Public class InvalidTagNameException
Public class LicenseFeature Describes a feature to be included in one or more license types.
Public class LicensePackage Describes the license package used by the TFS server instance
Public class LicenseType Describes a license type which, when granted to a user, will govern which features they have access to.
Public class MissingLicenseException This will be thrown when a user attempts to access a resource with an invalid license.
Public class MultipleIdentitiesFoundException
Public class NodeValidationSpec
Public class ParentChildConstraints Class for defining constraints around allowed parent/child relationships.
Public class ParseException
Public class PathSpecTable
Public class PluginTagProviderFactory
Public class PreGroupDeletionNotification
Public class ProcessTemplate A Process Template has metadata (Name, Description, etc.) and also contains hierarchical named resources used during project creation A process template is uploaded and downloaded from the server as a Zip archive containing the hierarchical named resource files, but on the server these can be accessed individually through the GetResource() API on this class.
Public class ProcessTemplateDescriptor Encapsulates process template information, such as Id, Name, Description, but does not contain a template itself.
Public class ProcessTemplateUsage The class is used to associate a process template descriptor to a collection. In order for a process template descriptor to become available to a collection, it has to have an instance of process template usage defined for that collection.
Public class ProjectNotFoundException
Public class PropertyConstraint Class for defining constraints on properties.
Public class ProxyCacheMissBecameHitException Thrown when a cache miss turns into a cache hit because of a timing issue.
Public class ProxyClientRedirectException Thrown when the client should be redirected to get the file from the mid-tier.
Public class ProxyConfiguration Proxy Configuration Information
Public class ProxyException The proxy exception type.
Public class ProxyStatistics
Public class ProxyStatisticsInfo Provides statistics information.
Public class ReaderAbortedException
Public class RegistrationProvider
Public class ResourcePropertyTable
Public class ResourceValidationSpec
Public class RestApiDownloadState Provides an implementation of IDownloadState for the download controller of the TeamFoundationFileContainerService.
Public class Restriction
Public class SendEmailNotification
Public class ServiceReferenceConstraint Class for defining constraints around service references.
Public class ServiceReferenceTable
Public class SignalRRoutingModule This module detects when the incoming URL is targeting SignalR and ensure the request uses the deployment host context.
Public class Subscription
Public class SubscriptionInfo
Public class TagDefinition An object that stores the metadata associated with a tag.
Public class TagDefinitionNotFoundException
Public class TagException
Public class TagProviderAttribute This attribute marks class as a tag provider.
Public class TeamFoundationApplication
Public class TeamFoundationCatalogService
Public class TeamFoundationCatalogServiceException Base class for all catalog service exceptions
Public class TeamFoundationConnectedServicesService
Public class TeamFoundationControl
Public class TeamFoundationEvent
Public class TeamFoundationFileCacheService
Public class TeamFoundationFilteredIdentitiesList This is the result of a call to ReadFilteredIdentities
Public class TeamFoundationForwardLinkService
Public class TeamFoundationHostedLicensingService
Public class TeamFoundationIdentity Represents a user or group in Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationIdentityGroupAdminAddedEvent Event object which is fired when an admin is added to a group
Public class TeamFoundationIdentityGroupAdminRemovedEvent Event object which is fired when an admin is removed from a group
Public class TeamFoundationIdentityPropertiesUpdateEvent Event object which is fired when properties on a team foundation identity are changes
Public class TeamFoundationIdentityService
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingHistory This class will hold the information from job history which we will expose to the client.
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingHistoryQueueTime
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingJobCountsAndRunTime
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingJobNameCache
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingQueuePositionCount
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingQueuePositions
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingResultsOverTime
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingResultTypeCount
Public class TeamFoundationJobReportingService Service for job reporting specific functionality. The registry and notification services are included since reporting data is stored in the registry and we need notification of those changes.
Public class TeamFoundationLicensingServiceBase
Public class TeamFoundationLinkingService Implementation of the server-side version of the Linking service.
Public class TeamFoundationMetadataAttribute
Public class TeamFoundationNotification
Public class TeamFoundationNotificationService
Public class TeamFoundationOnPremLicensingService
Public class TeamFoundationPage
Public class TeamFoundationProcessTemplateService Service to manage process templates for a collection.
Public class TeamFoundationTagProviderBase<T> Optional base class for implementing ITagProvider using registered delegates.
Public class TeamFoundationTeam This is a wrapper class for a Team identity that makes it convenient for working with properties. It also provides helper methods to create, update, query and read Teams on server.
Public class TeamFoundationTeamService
Public class TeamProjectCollectionService The TeamProjectCollectionService is used to keep track of state information about project collection management between requests. One capability is to provide a round-robin list of collection deployment servers used to create collections in a semi load balanced way.
Public class TeamProjectCollectionServicingActivity
Public class TeamPropertiesView Base abstract class for all team view objects. Team view objects follows facade pattern. In this regard team view objects provide easy way to access complex or domain specific properties that require further insight on how they are stored in the team property bag and how they should be presented to the outside world. The view objects can consume other view objects, such as a view object that manages Agile experience specific team properties can use another view object that manages work item tracking related properties, i.e. which work item type in a project represents bug work items, for the team.
Public class ThreadPoolThrottle
Public class TswaServerHyperlinkService A utility class for generating Team Web Access hyperlinks.
Public class UnknownRepositoryException The exception that is thrown when the requested Team Foundation Server is not registered with the proxy server.
Public class ZipArchive
Public class ZipArchiveEntry


Structure Description
Public structure ProcessTemplateVersion


Interface Description
Public interface ICatalogResourceTypeRuleSet
Public interface IDeleteCacheItems This interface determines which algorithm is used for cache cleanup
Public interface IDownloadState
Public interface IDynamicEventPredicate Interface for classes that can provide dynamic event predicate for filtering
Public interface IFieldContainer
Public interface ILicenseFeature Describes a feature to be included in one or more license types
Public interface ILicensePackage Describes the license package used by the TFS server instance
Public interface ILicenseType Describes a license type which, when granted to a user, will govern which features they have access to
Public interface ILinkingConsumer Interface for classes which act as a linking consumer for the Linking Service
Public interface ILinkingProvider Interface for classes which act as a linking provider for the Linking Service
Public interface INotificationFilter
Public interface INotificationFormatter Interface for classes that can format Notification Events
Public interface INotificationTransform Provides a mechanism for transforming events prior to application of subscription filtering logic.
Public interface IProcessTemplate
Public interface IProcessTemplateContentHandler This interface represents an abstraction for handling the content of a process template
Public interface ISubscriptionPathValidator
Public interface ISubscriptionPersistence The ISubscriptionPersistence interface is called when subscriptions are written or read from the database. Implementors of this interface are allowed to modify the subscriptions before they are saved and again before they are returned to any callers when read from the subscription tables.
Public interface ITagProvider<T> Contract for tag providers
Public interface ITagSecurityProvider<T> Contract for tag security providers
Public interface ITagStorageProvider<T> Contract for tag storage providers
Public interface ITeamFoundationApplicationHostProperties Returns collections associated with the specified host.
Public interface ITeamFoundationIdentityService Service for managing Identities.
Public interface ITeamFoundationLicensingService
Public interface ITeamFoundationTeamService
Public interface ITswaServerHyperlinkService


Delegate Description
Public delegate Action<T1, T2, T3>
Public delegate TeamFoundationProcessTemplateService.TargetRequestContext
Public delegate ValidateDeleteDelegate
Public delegate ValidateNodeDelegate
Public delegate ValidateResourceDelegate


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CompressionLevel Defines a tradeoff between fast vs. strong compression. The specific meaning depends of the Deflater implementation. *** In this .NET-2.0 compatible version of the Zip library CompressionLevel will be ignored. It exists only to make the surface area compatible with the 4.5 version. This is becasue the 2.0 deflater does not support this parameter.
Public enumeration ConnectedServiceKind
Public enumeration ConversationThread.ToolType
Public enumeration DeliverySchedule Available delivery schedules
Public enumeration DeliveryType
Public enumeration PropertyExistence
Public enumeration PropertyValueExclusivity Enum for expressing property value exclusivity.
Public enumeration TagDefinitionStatus Represents the possible states for tag definition status.
Public enumeration ZipArchiveMode