Visual Studio Administrator Guide

You can deploy Visual Studio on a network as long as each target computer meets the minimum installation requirements.

Detection and Servicing Keys

You can use detection subkeys in the registry to determine whether a Visual Studio product is already installed on a computer. See Detecting System Requirements.

Avoiding Reboots

You can avoid reboots by making sure that the appropriate version of the .NET Framework is already installed before you deploy Visual Studio. For example, you might need to reboot computers that are running Windows 8 if you deploy Visual Studio 2013 on them without first installing the .NET Framework 4.5.1. See .NET Framework Deployment Guide for Administrators.

Error Return Codes

The following table lists important error codes. These codes are closely tied to whether the client computer must be rebooted.

Setup Status

Restart not required

Restart required



0x00000000 [0]

0x00000bc2 [3010]

Successful installation.


0x80044000 [-2147205120]

0x8004C000 [-2147172352]

If the only block to be reported is “Reboot Pending,” the returned value is the Incomplete-Reboot Required value (0x80048bc7).


0x00000642 [1602]

0x80048642 [-2147187134]

When the Reboot value is returned, the Return Code is 1602.

Incomplete-Reboot Required


0x80048bc7 [-2147185721]

Restart is required before installation can continue.


0x00000643 [1603]

0x80048643 [-2147187133]

When the Reboot value is returned, the Return Code is 1603.

Specifying Customer Feedback Settings

You can configure Visual Studio to enable customer feedback on individual computers by changing the value of the following registry key. The value can be dword:00000001 for true, dword:00000000 for false. If the key is null or absent, this installation inherits the default setting of its Visual Studio edition, for example, Visual Studio Professional.

x86: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VSCommon\12.0\SQM\Optin

x64: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\VSCommon\12.0\SQM\Optin



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