concurrent_vector::operator Operator

Provides access to the element at the given index in the concurrent vector. This method is concurrency-safe for read operations, and also while growing the vector, as long as the you have ensured that the value _Index is less than the size of the concurrent vector.

reference operator[](
   size_type _Index

const_reference operator[](
   size_type _Index
) const;


  • _Index
    The index of the element to be retrieved.

Return Value

A reference to the item at the given index.


The version of operator [] that returns a non-const reference cannot be used to concurrently write to the element from different threads. A different synchronization object should be used to synchronize concurrent read and write operations to the same data element.

No bounds checking is performed to ensure that _Index is a valid index into the concurrent vector.


Header: concurrent_vector.h

Namespace: concurrency

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