Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Client Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AccessCheckException Exception that is thrown for an access check error.
Public class AccessControlEntry Class for encapsulating the allowed and denied permissions for a given IdentityDescriptor.
Public class AccessControlList The AccessControlList class is meant to associate a set of AccessControlEntries with a security token and its inheritance settings. It is important to note that the AccessControlList class does not talk to a web service when its methods are called. It provides a staging area for changes to the AccessControlEntries for a secured token. Once changes are made to an AccessControlList it can be saved to the web service by passing it into a SecurityNamespace.
Public class AccessMapping Holds an access point to a Team Foundation Server and meta data about it.
Public class AccessMappingNotRegisteredException Thrown when an access mapping is not registered.
Public class AccountPreferencesAlreadyExistException
Public class AceExtendedInformation Holds the inherited and effective permission information for a given AccessControlEntry.
Public class AcquireDatabasePartitionException
Public class ActionDefinition Definition for an action.
Public class ActionDeniedBySubscriberException Exception for an action that was denied by the subscriber.
Public class ActiveDirectoryAccessException
Public class AddGroupMemberIllegalInternetIdentityException
Public class AddGroupMemberIllegalMemberException Thrown when an illegal member is added to a group.
Public class AddGroupMemberIllegalWindowsIdentityException
Public class AddGroupMemberOverLicenseLimitException Thrown when the number of members in a group exceeds license limitations.
Public class AddMemberCyclicMembershipException Thrown when adding a member to a group to which it already has cyclic membership.
Public class AddMemberEveryoneException Thrown when attempting to add the Everyone member to a group.
Public class AddMemberGroupMissingException Thrown when attempting to add a member to a missing group.
Public class AddMemberIdentityAlreadyMemberException Thrown when adding a member to a group of which it is already a member.
Public class AddMemberIdentityMissingException Thrown when attempting to add a member that has a missing identity.
Public class AddMemberNoGroupException Thrown when adding a member without a group specified.
Public class AddProjectGroupProjectMismatchException Thrown for a mismatch when adding a project group.
Public class AddProjectGroupToGlobalGroupException Thrown when attempting to add a project group to a global group.
Public class AnalysisServiceConnectionException Thrown when an error occurs with the analysis service connection.
Public class ApplicationTierTimeoutException
Public class ArtifactKindAlreadyExistsException Thrown when an artifact kind already exists.
Public class ArtifactKindRestrictedException Thrown when the artifact kind is restricted.
Public class ArtifactKindsMustBeUniformException Thrown when artifact kinds must be uniform.
Public class ArtifactPropertyValue Represents a property-value pair that has a user-defined name (moniker). The moniker can be optionally versioned by using a version number.
Public class ArtifactSpec Represents a Team Foundation property user-defined name (moniker) specification.
Public class AttachCollectionException Thrown when an error occurs when attempting to attach a collection.
Public class AuthorizationSubsystemServiceException
Public class AzureClientIPRestrictedException
Public class AzureDatabaseQuotaReachedException
Public class AzureDeprecatedFeatureException
Public class AzureLoginBadUserException
Public class AzureOperationNotSupportedException
Public class AzureProcessingException
Public class AzureQuotaReachedException
Public class AzureServerUnavailableException
Public class AzureServiceBusyException
Public class AzureSessionTerminatedException
Public class BadChecksumException Thrown when a bad checksum is encountered.
Public class BadClassIdActionIdPairException
Public class BadParentObjectClassIdException
Public class CannotAccessIdentitiesAfterDetachException Thrown when you cannot map collection identities after a Detach before an Attach.
Public class CannotAddDateToNonIterationException
Public class CannotChangeTreesException
Public class CannotModifyRootNodeException
Public class CannotUpdateDefaultCollectionException Thrown when you cannot update the default collection.
Public class CatalogChangeContext
Public class CatalogChangeResult
Public class CatalogDependencyGroup
Public class CatalogNode
Public class CatalogNodeDoesNotExistException Thrown when a catalog node does not exist.
Public class CatalogResource
Public class CatalogResourceDoesNotExistException Thrown when a catalog resource does not exist.
Public class CatalogResourceType Describes the type of a catalog resource.
Public class CatalogResourceTypeDoesNotExistException Thrown when a catalog resource type does not exist.
Public class CircularNodeReferenceException
Public class CircularObjectInheritanceException
Public class ClassIdDoesNotExistException
Public class CleanupJobInProgressException
Public class ClientCancelException
Public class CollationException
Public class CollectionDoesNotExistException Thrown when a collection does not exist.
Public class CollectionMisconfiguredException Thrown when a collection is misconfigured.
Public class CollectionPropertyException Thrown because an error occurs in a collection property.
Public class CollectionServicingJobDidNotSucceedException Thrown when a collection servicing job did not succeed.
Public class CommonStructureSubsystemServiceException
Public class ComponentFactoryException
Public class ConnectedService This class has all the "public" information but also the secret data. It *does not* serialize the secret values, those are fetched from the client on demand.
Public class ConnectedServiceCreationData This class contains all the information that you need to create a connected servcie.
Public class ConnectedServiceMetadata This class contains the "public" information of a ConnectedService. This includes Name, FriendlyName, kind, and Description. Used by Clients to display This information without revealing the secret info and used when reading from the database
Public class ConnectedServicesService
Public class CreateACENoActionException
Public class CreateACENoObjectException
Public class CssProjectUriDoesNotExistException
Public class DatabaseCategoryNotRegisteredException Thrown when a database category is not registered.
Public class DatabaseConfigurationException Thrown for an error in database configuration.
Public class DatabaseConnectionException Thrown because an error occurs in the database connection.
Public class DatabaseFullException Thrown when the database is full.
Public class DatabaseInstanceException Thrown for an error that occurs with a database instance.
Public class DatabaseNotFoundException
Public class DatabaseOperationCanceledException Thrown when a database operation is canceled.
Public class DatabaseOperationTimeoutException Thrown when a database operation times out.
Public class DatabasePartitionCannotBeDeletedException
Public class DatabasePartitionNotFoundException
Public class DatabasePoolAlreadyExistsException
Public class DatabasePoolCannotBeDeletedException
Public class DatabasePoolFullException
Public class DatabasePoolNotFoundException
Public class DatabaseRuntimeException Thrown for a database runtime error.
Public class DatabaseSchemaException Thrown for an error that occurs with a database schema.
Public class DataTierNotFoundException
Public class DateTimeShiftDetectedException Thrown when a shift is detected in DateTime objects.
Public class DBExecutingDeadlockException
Public class DBResultDeadlockException Thrown when the database result is in deadlock.
Public class DeleteACEException
Public class DeleteSelfException
Public class DeliveryPreference Describes an event delivery preference.
Public class DeltaException
Public class DeltaTooLargeException
Public class DestroyedContentUnavailableException
Public class DownloadFromMidTierAbortedException
Public class DownloadTicketValidationException
Public class DuplicateFeatureException
Public class DuplicateFileNameException
Public class DuplicateJobIdException Thrown when a duplicate job ID is encountered.
Public class DuplicateJobScheduleException Thrown when a duplicate job is scheduled.
Public class DuplicateLocationMappingException Thrown for a duplicate location mapping.
Public class EnumerationNoneArgumentException
Public class EventException Thrown for an error in event handling.
Public class FailedToAcquireServicingLockException
Public class FileAlreadyUploadedException
Public class FileIdNotFoundException Thrown when a file ID is not found.
Public class FileRepositoryProperties
Public class FilteredIdentitiesList This is the result of a call to ReadFilteredIdentities.
Public class FindGroupNameDoesNotExistException Thrown when a group name does not exist.
Public class FindGroupSidDoesNotExistException Thrown when a security identifier for a group does not exist.
Public class GroupCreationException Thrown for an error during group creation.
Public class GroupNameNotRecognizedException
Public class GroupRenameException Thrown when an error occurs during a group rename.
Public class GroupScopeCreationException Thrown when an error occurs during group scope creation.
Public class GroupScopeDoesNotExistException Thrown when the group scope does not exist.
Public class GroupSecuritySubsystemServiceException
Public class GroupWellKnownDescriptors Contains string constants for well-known group descriptors.
Public class HostAlreadyExistsException Thrown when the host already exists.
Public class HostCannotBeDeletedException Thrown when the host cannot be deleted.
Public class HostCreationException
Public class HostDoesNotExistException Thrown when a host does not exist.
Public class HostInstanceDoesNotExistException Thrown when the host instance does not exist.
Public class HostManagementException Thrown for an error that occurs with host management.
Public class HostMustBeTopLevelException Thrown when the host must be top level.
Public class HostProcessNotFoundException
Public class HostShutdownException Thrown for an error that occurs because the host is shutting down.
Public class HostStatusChangeException Thrown because of an error that occurs when the host status changes.
Public class IdentityAccountNameAlreadyInUseException
Public class IdentityAlreadyExistsException
Public class IdentityDescriptor Wrapper for an identity type and a unique identifier.
Public class IdentityDescriptorComparer Compares IdentityDescriptor objects.
Public class IdentityDomainDoesNotExistException Thrown when an identity domain does not exist.
Public class IdentityDomainMismatchException Thrown when a mismatch occurs with the identity domain.
Public class IdentityExpressionException
Public class IdentityHelper Helper class to manage Team Foundation identity descriptors.
Public class IdentityNotFoundException Thrown when an identity is not found.
Public class IdentityNotServiceIdentityException
Public class IdentityPropertyRequiredException
Public class IdentityProviderUnavailableException Thrown when an identity provider is unavailable.
Public class IdentitySyncException Thrown when an error occurs in identity synchronizing.
Public class IllegalDeleteSelfReferenceServiceDefinitionException Thrown when attempting to delete a self-referencing service.
Public class IllegalIdentityException Thrown for an illegal identity.
Public class IncompatibleCompressionFormatException Thrown for an incompatible compression format.
Public class IncompatibleTokenException
Public class IncompleteUploadException Thrown because of an incomplete upload.
Public class IncorrectSizeException Thrown when a thread of execution discovers an incorrectly sized object.
Public class InternalStoredProcedureException
Public class InvalidAccessException
Public class InvalidAccessPointException Thrown because of an invalid access point.
Public class InvalidBindPendingIdentityDescriptorException
Public class InvalidCatalogDeleteNodeException Thrown when the thread of execution encounters an invalid catalog during a DeleteNode method call.
Public class InvalidCatalogNodeMoveException Thrown because of an invalid catalog during a NodeMove method call.
Public class InvalidCatalogNodePathException Thrown because of an invalid catalog node path.
Public class InvalidCatalogSaveNodeException Thrown because of an invalid catalog save node.
Public class InvalidCatalogSaveResourceException Thrown because of an invalid catalog save resource.
Public class InvalidCollationException
Public class InvalidDisplayNameException
Public class InvalidDomainException
Public class InvalidEscapeSequenceException
Public class InvalidFeatureNameException
Public class InvalidLobParameterException
Public class InvalidParentHostException
Public class InvalidReclassificationException
Public class InvalidRegistryException Thrown because of an invalid registry.
Public class InvalidRequestContextHostException Thrown for an invalid request context host.
Public class InvalidSecurityNamespaceDescriptionException Thrown because an invalid security namespace description occurs.
Public class InvalidSecurityNamespaceException Thrown for an invalid security namespace.
Public class InvalidSecurityTokenException Thrown because of an invalid security token.
Public class InvalidServiceDefinitionException Thrown for an invalid service definition.
Public class InvalidServiceIdentityNameException
Public class InvalidServiceVersionException
Public class InvalidServicingStepTypeException Thrown for an invalid servicing step type.
Public class InvalidTokenFormatExpcetion
Public class JobAgentException
Public class JobAgentTeardownTimeoutException
Public class JobCannotBePausedException Thrown when a job cannot be paused.
Public class JobCannotBeResumedException Thrown when a job cannot be resumed.
Public class JobCannotBeStoppedException Thrown when a job cannot be stopped.
Public class JobCannotBeUpdatedException
Public class JobDefinitionNotFoundException
Public class JobDidntPauseException Thrown when a job did not pause.
Public class JobIntervalNotSupportedException Thrown when a job interval is not supported.
Public class JobsStillRunningException
Public class KeyValueOfStringString Represents the key-value of a string.
Public class LocationMapping Associates an AccessMapping with a location.
Public class LocationMappingDoesNotExistException Thrown when a location mapping does not exist.
Public class LocationNotFoundException
Public class LocationServerMapCache
Public class LockTimeoutException
Public class MaximumDepthExceededException
Public class MessageQueueAlreadyExistsException
Public class MessageQueueNotFoundException
Public class MissingFeatureException
Public class ModifyEveryoneGroupException Thrown when a thread of execution attempts to modify the everyone group.
Public class MoveArgumentOutOfRangeException
Public class MultipleIdentitiesFoundException
Public class MultiplePartitionsNotSupportedException
Public class NodeAlreadyExistsException
Public class NodeDoesNotExistException
Public class NodePathDoesNotExistException
Public class NodeUriDoesNotExistException
Public class NotApplicationGroupException Thrown when a thread of execution attempts an action without application group privileges.
Public class NotASecurityGroupException Thrown when a thread of execution attempts an action without security group privileges.
Public class OAuthApplicationAlreadyExistsException
Public class OAuthApplicationNotFoundException
Public class OAuthTokenNotFoundException
Public class ParentNodeDoesNotExistException
Public class ParentNodeUriDoesNotExistException
Public class ParseException Thrown because of an error in parsing.
Public class ProjectAlreadyExistsException
Public class ProjectDoesNotExistException
Public class ProjectDoesNotExistWithNameException
Public class ProjectNameNotRecognizedException
Public class ProjectNotFoundException Thrown when the thread of execution fails to look up a project.
Public class PropertyDefinitionDoesNotExistException
Public class PropertyServiceException Thrown when an error occurs in the property service.
Public class PropertyValue Represents a property and its value.
Public class ProxyCacheMissBecameHitException
Public class ProxyClientRedirectException
Public class ProxyException
Public class QueryExpressionException
Public class ReaderAbortedException
Public class ReclassificationNodeDoesNotExistException
Public class ReclassificationNodeUriDoesNotExistException
Public class ReclassifiedToDifferentTreeException
Public class ReclassifiedToSubTreeException
Public class RedirectionException
Public class RegisterObjectBadParentException
Public class RegisterObjectExistsException
Public class RegisterObjectNoClassException
Public class RegisterObjectNoProjectException
Public class RegisterObjectProjectMismatchException
Public class RegisterProjectException
Public class RegistryAuditEntry Represents a registry audit entry.
Public class RegistryEntry
Public class RegistryEntryCollection
Public class RegistryPathException Thrown for a registry path that is not valid.
Public class RegistryPathPatternException Thrown when an error occurs in the registry path pattern.
Public class RemoveAccessMappingException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove an access mapping.
Public class RemoveGroupMemberException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a group member.
Public class RemoveGroupMemberNotMemberException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a group member that is not a member.
Public class RemoveLastAdminGroupMemberException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove the last member of the administrator group.
Public class RemoveLastLicensedAdminException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove the last licensed administrator.
Public class RemoveMemberGroupMissingException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member from a missing group.
Public class RemoveMemberIdentityMissingException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member by using a missing identity.
Public class RemoveMemberServiceAccountException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member that is a service account.
Public class RemoveNonexistentGroupException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a nonexistent group.
Public class RemoveSelfFromAdminGroupException
Public class RemoveSpecialGroupException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a special group.
Public class ReplaceDescriptorException
Public class RequestCanceledException Thrown when a request is cancelled.
Public class RequestDisabledDetailsException
Public class RequestDisabledException
Public class RequestFilterException Thrown when an error occurs with a request filter.
Public class ResourceStreamNotFoundException Thrown when a resource stream is not found.
Public class SecurityActionDoesNotExistException
Public class SecurityNamespace Class to manage and enforce security for a set of AccessControlList objects.
Public class SecurityNamespaceAlreadyExistsException Thrown when the thread of execution attempts to create a security namespace when it already exists.
Public class SecurityNamespaceDescription Represents a description for a SecurityNamespace.
Public class SecurityObjectDoesNotExistException
Public class ServiceDefinition Defines a service and all of the locations that exist for it.
Public class ServiceDefinitionDoesNotExistException Thrown when a service definition does not exist.
Public class ServiceIdentity Represents the service identity known to the system.
Public class ServiceIdentityInfo The service identity information.
Public class ServiceLevelException
Public class ServiceNotRegisteredException
Public class ServiceVersionNotSupportedException
Public class ServicingDisabledException Thrown when servicing is disabled.
Public class ServicingExecutionHandlerData Represents data for a servicing execution handler.
Public class ServicingJobDetail Each servicing operation for host is recorded and the details of the operation are described by the ServicingJobDetail
Public class ServicingOperation Represents a servicing operation.
Public class ServicingOperationAlreadyExistsException Thrown when a servicing operation already exists.
Public class ServicingOperationNotFoundException Thrown when a servicing operation was not found.
Public class ServicingStep
Public class ServicingStepDetail Describes a servicing step detail.
Public class ServicingStepGroup
Public class ServicingStepGroupAlreadyExistsException Thrown when a servicing step group already exists.
Public class ServicingStepGroupDependencyException Thrown when a dependency exists on another servicing step group.
Public class ServicingStepGroupInUseException Thrown when a servicing step group is being used.
Public class ServicingStepGroupNotFoundException Thrown when a servicing step group is not found.
Public class ServicingStepLogEntry Represents a log entry that is made by a servicing step.
Public class ServicingStepStateChange Represents a change to a servicing step state.
Public class ServicingValidationException
Public class SidDescriptor Represents a security ID descriptor.
Public class SigningInfo Contains information associated with the signing of objects.
Public class SqlAzureException
Public class StepPerformerNotFoundException Thrown when a step performer is not found.
Public class StreamingCollectionUnsupportedOperationException
Public class StrongBoxDrawerExistsException
Public class StrongBoxDrawerNotFoundException
Public class StrongBoxException
Public class StrongBoxItemNotFoundException
Public class Subscription Describes an event subscription.
Public class SyncAccessDeniedServiceException
Public class SyncBadBaselineRevServiceException
Public class SyncSubsystemServiceException
Public class SyncSupersededBaselineRevServiceException
Public class TeamFoundationAccessControlException
Public class TeamFoundationCatalogServiceException Thrown when an error occurs with the Team Foundation Server catalog service.
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseCopyException
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseSplitException
Public class TeamFoundationIdentity Client implementation of TeamFoundationIdentity. Augments proxy generated class
Public class TeamFoundationIdentityServiceException Thrown because an exception occurs in the identity service for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationInvalidCertificateException
Public class TeamFoundationJobDefinition
Public class TeamFoundationJobHistoryEntry Represents a job history entry on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationJobSchedule Represents a job schedule on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationJobService Represents a job service in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationJobServiceException Thrown when an error occurs with the Team Foundation Server job service.
Public class TeamFoundationLocationServiceException Thrown when an error occurs with the location service of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationLockException Thrown for an error that occurs with a Team Foundation Server lock.
Public class TeamFoundationMessageQueueException
Public class TeamFoundationOAuthServiceException
Public class TeamFoundationProcessStillRunningException
Public class TeamFoundationProfileServiceException
Public class TeamFoundationRequestInformation Represents additional information about a Team Foundation request.
Public class TeamFoundationResourceManagementServiceException
Public class TeamFoundationSecurityServiceException Thrown for an error that occurs with the Team Foundation Server security service.
Public class TeamFoundationServerNotSupportedException
Public class TeamFoundationServiceException Thrown when an error occurs with any service of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHostActivity Represents a Team Foundation Server service host activity.
Public class TeamFoundationServicingException
Public class TeamFoundationStrongBoxService
Public class TeamFoundationValidationException Thrown when an error occurs with a validation operation in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public class TeamProjectCollection
Public class TfsDequeueContext
Public class TfsMessageQueue Provides access to a message queue hosted on a Team Foundation Server.
Public class TfsMessageQueueDisconnectedEventArgs Provides access to the underlying exception which caused the loss of connectivity.
Public class TfsMessageQueueService Provides centralized management for connections to Team Foundation Server message queues.
Public class TooManyItemsException Thrown when too many items are present.
Public class UnauthorizedRequestException
Public class UnexpectedDatabaseResultException Thrown because of an unexpected database result.
Public class UnexpectedHostTypeException
Public class UnexpectedItemKindException
Public class UnknownMigrationOwnerException
Public class UnknownRepositoryException
Public class UnregisterProjectException
Public class UpdateGroupException Thrown when an error occurs during an update operation on a group.
Public class VirtualPathMappingException Thrown when an error occurs with a virtual path mapping.
Public class VirtualPathsConflictException Thrown for an error that is caused by conflicting virtual paths.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAccessControlService The Access Control service.
Public interface IAdministrationService Interface for an administration service.
Public interface ICatalogService
Public interface IEventService Provides support for event subscriptions.
Public interface IIdentityManagementService
Public interface IIdentityManagementService2
Public interface ILocationService The service responsible for providing a connection to a Team Foundation Server as well as the locations of other services that are available on it.
Public interface IPropertyService Generic Team Foundation Framework Property Service
Public interface ISecurityService An interface for managing collections of security namespaces.
Public interface ITeamFoundationJobService Interface for a job service of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public interface ITeamFoundationRegistry
Public interface ITeamProjectCollectionService
Public interface ITeamProjectCollectionServicing


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConnectedServiceKind
Public enumeration DeliverySchedule Describes the delivery schedule.
Public enumeration DeliveryType Describes the delivery type.
Public enumeration ServiceHostFilterFlags Describes the filters to apply when you call ITeamProjectCollectionService.GetCollections.
Public enumeration ServicingJobResult Describes the result of a servicing job.
Public enumeration ServicingJobStatus Describes the status of a servicing job.
Public enumeration ServicingStepDetailFilterOptions Describes the filters to apply when you call GetServicingDetails.
Public enumeration StrongBoxItemKind