Workspace.PendBranch Method (String, String, VersionSpec, LockLevel, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

Schedules a file or folder for branching.

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll)


Public Function PendBranch ( _
    sourcePath As String, _
    targetPath As String, _
    version As VersionSpec, _
    lockLevel As LockLevel, _
    updateDisk As Boolean, _
    detectFolderAtTarget As Boolean, _
    silent As Boolean _
) As Integer
public int PendBranch(
    string sourcePath,
    string targetPath,
    VersionSpec version,
    LockLevel lockLevel,
    bool updateDisk,
    bool detectFolderAtTarget,
    bool silent
int PendBranch(
    String^ sourcePath, 
    String^ targetPath, 
    VersionSpec^ version, 
    LockLevel lockLevel, 
    bool updateDisk, 
    bool detectFolderAtTarget, 
    bool silent
member PendBranch : 
        sourcePath:string * 
        targetPath:string * 
        version:VersionSpec * 
        lockLevel:LockLevel * 
        updateDisk:bool * 
        detectFolderAtTarget:bool * 
        silent:bool -> int
public function PendBranch(
    sourcePath : String, 
    targetPath : String, 
    version : VersionSpec, 
    lockLevel : LockLevel, 
    updateDisk : boolean, 
    detectFolderAtTarget : boolean, 
    silent : boolean
) : int


  • targetPath
    Type: System.String

    The location of the branch that will be created.

  • updateDisk
    Type: System.Boolean

    True to populate the branch on the local disk. Otherwise, the disk is not modified.

  • detectFolderAtTarget
    Type: System.Boolean

    True to look for a local folder that exists at the target and then notify the server. False not to search.

  • silent
    Type: System.Boolean

    Specifies whether the server should return Get operations.

Return Value

Type: System.Int32
The number of pending changes.


Branching a folder is implicitly recursive.

.NET Framework Security

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