Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AccessCheckException An exception that will be thrown whenever a check permission call fails.
Public class AccessControlEntriesController
Public class AccessControlEntry Class for encapsulating the allowed and denied permissions for a given IdentityDescriptor.
Public class AccessControlEntryDetails This class exists for web service serialization and for reading ACEs out of the database.While you could do this on the AccessControlEntry class itself, this enables us to hide any properties that should not actually be a part of the public server OM.
Public class AccessControlEntryTable
Public class AccessControlList The AccessControlList class is meant to associate a set of AccessControlEntries with a security token and its inheritance settings. It is important to note that the AccessControlList class does not talk to a database when its methods are called.It provides a staging area for changes to the AccessControlEntries for a secured token. Once changes are made to an AccessControlList it can be saved to the web service by passing it into a TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace.
Public class AccessControlListDetails Exists for web service serialization and for reading ACLs out of the database.While you could do this on the AccessControlList class itself, this enables us to hide any properties that should not actually be a part of the public server OM.
Public class AccessControlListsController
Public class AccessControlListTable
Public class AccessMappingNotRegisteredException Thrown when there is a problem related to access mappings.
Public class AccountPreferences
Public class AccountPropertyConstants
Public class AccountServiceImplementation
Public class AceExtendedInformation Holds the inherited and effective permission information for a given AccessControlEntry.
Public class AcknowledgementRange
Public class AcquireDatabasePartitionException
Public class ActionDefinition
Public class ActionDefinitionTable
Public class ActionDeniedBySubscriberException This exception is raised when a subscriber has vetoed a decision point publication event.
Public class ActivityLogEntry
Public class ActivityLoggingAttribute This attribute will log all requests made to a web-api endpoint into the activity log
Public class ActivityLogParameter
Public class ActivityResponseFilterAttribute This filter attribute will inject the activity id of the request into the response header.
Public class AllowEmptyArrayAttribute Attribute which may be used to signify that the client proxy can send an empty array and the server will distinguish between null and empty arrays.
Public class AnalysisServiceConnectionException Thrown when there are errors related to Analysis Services connection.
Public class ApiResourceOptionsController Controller to handle requests with the "Options" HTTP verb for api resources
Public class ApplyRequestLanguageAttribute
Public class ArtifactKind The artifactKind describes an artifact type supported thru the property service API.
Public class ArtifactKindAlreadyExistsException ArtifactKindRestrictedException - this is thrown when a call is made to the public property service to read/write an internal property kind. Internal property kinds cannot be accessed via the generic Web service.
Public class ArtifactKindRestrictedException ArtifactKindRestrictedException - this is thrown when a call is made to the public property service to read/write an internal property kind. Internal property kinds cannot be accessed via the generic Web service.
Public class ArtifactKindsMustBeUniformException ArtifactKindsMustBeUniformException - this is thrown when a call is made supplying a list of artifact specs and the system requires that all artifact specs be from the same artifact kind.
Public class ArtifactPropertyValue Represents a Team Foundation Artifact associated with a set of property-value pairs.
Public class ArtifactSpec Represents a Team Foundation Artifact property specification.
Public class ArtifactVersionSpec Exposes constants to represent non-versioned or all versions.
Public class AssemblyServicingOperationProvider Servicing operation provider that loads servicing operations from assembly.
Public class AssemblyServicingResourceProvider
Public class AssemblyServicingStepGroupProvider Servicing step group provider that loads servicing groups from from assembly.
Public class AttachCollectionException
Public class AvailableDatabaseCategories This class is used to represent the set of database categories that are available for the given host.
Public class AvatarUtils
Public class AzureClientIPRestrictedException
Public class AzureDatabaseQuotaReachedException
Public class AzureDeprecatedFeatureException
Public class AzureLoginBadUserException
Public class AzureOperationNotSupportedException
Public class AzureProcessingException
Public class AzureServerUnavailableException
Public class AzureServiceBusyException
Public class AzureSessionTerminatedException
Public class BackCompatJsonFormatterAttribute
Public class BadChecksumException Thrown when a file checksum does not match.
Public class BasePreferences
Public class BlobProviderConfigurationException
Public class BooleanTable
Public class ByteArray Represents a large (>64kB) byte array. Uses buffer pooling to eliminate pressure on the common language runtime large object heap.
Public class CallOnDeserializationAttribute When a class has this attribute the code generation will call the method given after the object has been fully deserialized.
Public class CallOnSerializationAttribute
Public class CannotUpdateDefaultCollectionException
Public class ClassNotSealedAttribute Attribute which may be used to change the visibility of the class as well as its default constructor which is generated for deserialization purposes.
Public class ClassVisibilityAttribute Attribute which may be used to change the visibility of the class as well as its default constructor which is generated for deserialization purposes.
Public class CleanupJobInProgressException Thrown by upload when the cleanup job is in progress
Public class ClientConditionalAttribute When a method has this attribute it will be surrounded by #if DEBUG in the proxy
Public class ClientEnumAttribute
Public class ClientIgnoreAttribute When a method has this attribute, GenProxyTask will not generate a proxy method for it. Useful for skipping ILinking methods, which would generate duplicate definitions for the Artifact class.
Public class ClientPropertyAttribute Custom Team Foundation attribute which may be used to attribute server objects to modify the visibility for the client-side objects generated. The property name may be overridden by passing in a property name. The resulting field name will be the property name with the first character converted to its lower case form, prefixed by 'm_'. A property with Private visibility will not generate a property at all. This mechanism may be used to avoid generating extraneous properties.
Public class ClientServiceAttribute
Public class ClientServiceMethodAttribute
Public class ClientTypeAttribute When encountered provides a mapping between a server type and a client type when generating the proxy. An example of such a use may be that the client uses the URI object everywhere, but the URI object cannot be deserialized. In this case you could add a ClientType(typeof(Uri)) to the server and have the server take a string instead.
Public class ClientValueAttribute When used on enumeration fields this will override the value specified on the server to allow for values to be different on the client for the generated enumeration.
Public class CollationException
Public class CollectionDoesNotExistException Thrown when the client tries to perform an operation (such as delete) on a collection that does not exist.
Public class CollectionLogWriter
Public class CollectionMisconfiguredException
Public class CollectionPropertyException
Public class Command Command class that all Business Logic commands derive from. Each command implementation should implement an Execute method that performs the actual work for this command.
Public class ComponentCreator<TComponent> Team Foundation Server component creator.
Public class ComponentFactory
Public class ComponentFactoryException
Public class ConnectionStringsUpdatedEventArgs Used to pass the database category data into a TeamFoundationDatabaseSettings.ConnectionStringsUpdated event.
Public class ContainersController Controller to handle all REST calls against file containers
Public class ControllerApiVersionAttribute Indicates the minimum API version that a given API controller supports
Public class CounterInfo
Public class CounterNotPopulatedException
Public class CustomerIntelligenceArea
Public class CustomerIntelligenceData
Public class CustomerIntelligenceFeature
Public class CustomerIntelligenceProperty
Public class CustomerIntelligenceService
Public class CustomerIntelligenceService.CustomerIntelligenceProvider
Public class CustomSerializationHooksAttribute When class has this attribute, the following methods should be defined in the shared class: private void ToXmlHook(XmlWriter writer) private static void FromXmlHook(TeamFoundationClientProxy proxy, XmlReader reader, T result) where T is deserialized type
Public class DatabaseAlreadyExistsException
Public class DatabaseAlreadyRegisteredException This exception is raised when specified database already registered.
Public class DatabaseCategoryNotRegisteredException This exception is raised when a database category that does not exist is requested in the TeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent.
Public class DatabaseConfigurationException
Public class DatabaseConnectionException
Public class DatabaseFullException
Public class DatabaseInformation A class that contains information about the database.
Public class DatabaseInstanceException
Public class DatabaseLogWriter
Public class DatabaseNotFoundException
Public class DatabaseOperationCanceledException
Public class DatabaseOperationTimeoutException
Public class DatabasePartition Represents a logical host partition in a multi-tenant database
Public class DatabasePartitionBinder
Public class DatabasePartitionCannotBeDeletedException
Public class DatabasePartitionComponent DatabasePartitionComponent.
Public class DatabasePartitionComponent2
Public class DatabasePartitionComponent3
Public class DatabasePartitionComponent4
Public class DatabasePartitionConstants
Public class DatabasePartitionNotFoundException
Public class DatabasePoolAlreadyExistsException This exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public class DatabasePoolCannotBeDeletedException This exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public class DatabasePoolFullException This exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public class DatabasePoolNotFoundException
Public class DatabaseRuntimeException
Public class DatabaseSchemaException
Public class DatabaseSizeProperties
Public class DatabaseSplitAnalysisResult
Public class DatabaseTenantUsageBinder
Public class DatabaseUpgradeQueueController
Public class DatabaseUpgradeQueueController.ServicingJobDetailData A data class that we use to serialize results of QueuePatchCollections.
Public class DataTierNotFoundException
Public class DateTimeShiftDetectedException This exception is thrown when a data change operation results in the server detecting a clock roll forward or roll back, for example, when a previous edit of the data was recorded at a DateTime value later than the current edit. The SecurityNamespace is expected to run the TFDateFixer power toy to fix the dates before users can continue data updates.
Public class DateTimeTable
Public class DBExecutingDeadlockException Thrown when there is a deadlock during execution of a stored procedure after the deadlock retries have been exhausted.
Public class DBPath Helper class for converting user paths into SQL paths.
Public class DBResultDeadlockException Thrown when there is a deadlock while the program reads results from the database
Public class DefaultSecurityNamespaceExtension
Public class DefaultServiceImplementationAttribute
Public class DeltaException
Public class DeltaLibrary
Public class DeltaTooLargeException
Public class DeploymentServiceHost
Public class DetachCollectionException
Public class DictionaryWrapper<TKey, TValue>
Public class DisposableCollection<T>
Public class DoubleTable
Public class DuplicateFeatureException
Public class DuplicateFileNameException Thrown by upload when a duplicate file name is passed in.
Public class DuplicateJobIdException Exception when UpdateJobs has multiple job definitions with the same jobId.
Public class DuplicateJobScheduleException Exception when UpdateJobs has duplicate schedules associated with the same job definition.
Public class DuplicateLocationMappingException Thrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public class DuplicateStepPerformerException Thrown when more than one step performer with the same name occurs in the system.
Public class EnumerationNoneArgumentException Raised when a caller supplies None for an enumeration argument. Equivalent to ArgumentNullException for enumeration types.
Public class EventException Exceptions thrown by the event manager about eventing issues derive from EventException
Public class ExpressionToken
Public class ExtendedAttributeComponent The extended attribute component connects to a database and reads or writes extended attributes. It does not use any installed objects to perform this task. This component does not perform version checks because it is not connecting to a logical database, instead it is used to perform the validation in the higher level components.
Public class ExtensibleServiceTypeNotRegisteredException
Public class ExtensibleServiceTypeNotValidException
Public class ExtensionStepPerformerProvider
Public class ExtensionUtilityException
Public class FailedToAcquireServicingLockException
Public class FavoriteItem Class to represent favorite entry in Identity Favorites Store
Public class FeatureAvailabilityExtensionMethods
Public class FeatureAvailabilityInformation
Public class FeatureAvailabilitySecurityConstants
Public class FeatureAvailabilitySecurityManager
Public class FeatureDisabledException
Public class FeatureEnabledAttribute This attribute will check if the given feature is enabled for a specific WebAPI controller/ method
Public class FeatureFlagApiResponse
Public class FeatureFlagPatchModel This is passed to the FeatureFlagController to edit the status of a feature flag
Public class FeatureFlagsController Web API controller responsible for the Feature Flag Resource
Public class FileAlreadyUploadedException Thrown by upload when someone attempts to upload a file multiple times.
Public class FileContainerItemDeletedEvent This event gets fired when a file container item is successfully deleted.
Public class FileContainerItemUploadedEvent This event gets fired when a file container item is successfully created and uploaded.
Public class FileIdNotFoundException Thrown by download when a bad file ID is passed.
Public class FileStatistics
Public class FileSystemProvider
Public class FileSystemServicingOperationProvider A servicing operation provider that can be used to read servicing operation definitions from disk
Public class FileSystemServicingStepGroupProvider A servicing step group provider that can be used to read servicing step group definitions from disk.
Public class ForbiddenHostNames ForbiddenNames is class that tracks a set of keyword/names that are reserved for use in the URL space. This means Accounts, Collections, and Projects should not be able to use these terms.
Public class FrameworkRegistrationEntry
Public class FrameworkSqlResourceComponent
Public class FullPermissionSetForwarderBase A base class for forwarding permissions from a flat namespace to a namespace that can derive all of its permissions from the source namespace.
Public class GroupWellKnownIdentityDescriptors
Public class GuidInt32Table
Public class GuidStringTable
Public class GuidTable
Public class HostAlreadyExistsException
Public class HostCannotBeDeletedException
Public class HostCreationException
Public class HostDoesNotExistException
Public class HostInstanceDoesNotExistException
Public class HostManagementException
Public class HostMustBeTopLevelException
Public class HostProcessNotFoundException
Public class HostProcessPingRequest
Public class HostProcessPingResponse
Public class HostProperties A shortened version of TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties
Public class HostPropertiesChangedEventArgs Used to pass data to the TeamFoundatServiceHost.HostPropertiesChanged event.
Public class HostReadyEvent
Public class HostShutdownException HostShutdownException is thrown when a call is made to the ThrowIfShutdownReceived is called on a host that is shutting down.
Public class HostStatusChangedEventArgs
Public class HostStatusChangeException
Public class HttpComponentResponseException
Public class HttpContextConstants
Public class IdentityFavorites A view around TeamFoundationIdentity or TeamFoundationTeam
Public class IdentityHelper
Public class IdentityPropertiesView This is a wrapper class for an Identity that makes it convenient for working with its properties.
Public class IdentityValidationFilter
Public class IdentityValidationFilterException
Public class IgnoreDormancyProhibitedException Exception when a job definition has the IgnoreDormancy flag set and the server is configured to prohibit that flag.
Public class IllegalDeleteSelfReferenceServiceDefinitionException This is thrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public class IncompatibleCompressionFormatException Thrown when a compressed file is not in a supported compression format.
Public class IncompatibleTokenException
Public class IncompleteUploadException Thrown when the client uploads the last chunk of a file, but some of the previous chunks are not there. It is also thrown when the uploaded content is not fully received, because of slow network connection, for example.
Public class IncorrectSizeException Thrown when a file length does not match.
Public class Int32StringTable
Public class Int32Table
Public class IntentLock Intent Lock class
Public class InvalidAccessException
Public class InvalidCollationException
Public class InvalidEscapeSequenceException
Public class InvalidFeatureDescriptionException
Public class InvalidFeatureFlagStateValueException
Public class InvalidFeatureNameException
Public class InvalidKpiStateException Exception when a Kpi state is invalid
Public class InvalidLobParameterException InvalidLobParameterException
Public class InvalidParentHostException Raised when a host has an invalid parent host or parent host type for the desired operation.
Public class InvalidQuotaException
Public class InvalidRequestContextHostException This exception is raised when a request context from the incorrect host has been passed into a function.
Public class InvalidSecurityNamespaceDescriptionException Represents that a user specified an invalid description when trying to create a security namespace.
Public class InvalidSecurityNamespaceException Thrown when a user tries to update a namespace that does not exist.
Public class InvalidSecurityTokenException This is thrown when someone tries to set a permission on a token that is not valid for a given namespace
Public class InvalidServiceDefinitionException This is thrown when one of the properties of a service definition is invalid on register or lookup.
Public class InvalidServiceVersionException
Public class InvalidServicingStepTypeException
Public class InvalidTokenFormatExpcetion
Public class JobAgentException
Public class JobAgentTeardownTimeoutException Exception thrown when the Teardown operation times out during job agent recycling or shutdown.
Public class JobCannotBePausedException Exception when a job is in a state other than running and therefore cannot be paused.
Public class JobCannotBeResumedException Exception when a job is in a state other than paused and therefore cannot be resumed.
Public class JobCannotBeStoppedException Exception when a job is in a state other than running and therefore cannot be stopped.
Public class JobCannotBeUpdatedException Exception when a protected job is targeted by a client request.
Public class JobCompletedNotification This notification event is fired when a job finishes.
Public class JobDefinitionNotFoundException Exception when a job definition is not found.
Public class JobDefinitionUpdateTable
Public class JobDefinitionUpdateTable2
Public class JobDidntPauseException Exception when a job extension does not pause (fast enough).
Public class JobIntervalNotSupportedException Exception when a job schedule has interval that is not supported.
Public class JObjectExtensions
Public class JobQueueEntryTable
Public class JobQueueEntryTable2
Public class JobQueueEntryWithJobSourceTable
Public class JobQueueEntryWithJobSourceTable2
Public class JobsStillRunningException Exception when a job agent is recycling or ending and one or more jobs will not stop.
Public class KeyValue<TKeyType, TValueType> A general-purpose two property class. Intended to allow for returning a pair of strongly-typed values or building a list of value pairs without adding a class. Useful for serializing dictionaries, because KeyValuePairs cannot be serialized directly.
Public class KeyValuePairGuidGuidTable
Public class KeyValuePairGuidStringTable
Public class KeyValuePairInt32DateTimeTable
Public class KeyValuePairInt32Int32Table
Public class KeyValuePairInt32StringTable
Public class KeyValuePairStringInt32Table
Public class KeyValuePairStringTable
Public class KpiDefinition
Public class KpiExistsException Exception when a Kpi already exists
Public class KpiMetric This contains the name and value of a metric to be traced.
Public class KpiNotFoundException Thrown when a Kpi is not found
Public class KpiService
Public class KpiService.KpiProvider
Public class KpiStateDefinition
Public class LicenseFeatures
Public class Licensing
Public class LicensingConstants
Public class LocationMappingDoesNotExistException Thrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public class LocationNotFoundException
Public class LockHelper Helper class: Takes a series of locks and releases them in the correct order when disposed
Public class LockManager LockManager class.
Public class LockManager.NamedLockObject Represents a named lock object. Ideally this object should be internal for LockManager, but for efficiency we distribute references to this object to callers and enable them to cache such references. Note that this class does not have useful public methods, all methods are internal (although this may not provide sufficient protection considering that its internal interface is still exposed to all code in "friendly assemblies"). Please, outside LockManager code, treat this object as opaque reference !
Public class LockName<T> Lock name with a value of a given type.
Public class LockName<T1, T2> Lock name with two values of given types.
Public class LockTimeoutException
Public class LogExceptionFilterAttribute
Public class MailRequest This class represents a mail request.
Public class MessageBusAlreadySubscribingException
Public class MessageBusConfigurationException
Public class MessageBusNotFoundException
Public class MessageBusSubscriptionInfo
Public class MessageQueueAlreadyExistsException Thrown when a message queue being created already exists.
Public class MessageQueueNotFoundException Thrown when a message queue cannot be found for a specified identifier.
Public class MethodInformation Method information is used to describe an invocation of a web method Tracking parameters, timings, and other method details
Public class MethodTime
Public class MimeMapping
Public class MissingFeatureException
Public class MissingQuotaDefinitionException
Public class MultiplePartitionsNotSupportedException
Public class NotificationEventArgs An argument for the callback registered with the TeamFoundationSqlNotificationService
Public class OAuthApplication Represents a registered OAuth client application
Public class OAuthApplicationAlreadyExistsException Exception when an OAuth application already exists.
Public class OAuthApplicationNotFoundException Exception when an OAuth application is not found.
Public class OAuthToken Encapsulates the details of an OAuth token - A token is a unique string of characters identifiable by the system - A token is associated with a client application (clientId) - A token is associated with a TFS user (ownerId)
Public class OAuthTokenNotFoundException Exception when an OAuth token is not found.
Public class ObjectBinder<T> Provides iterative access to strongly typed objects Wraps the functionality of the SqlDataReader so that it does not have to be referred to in the business layer.
Public class OrderedGuidTable
Public class OrderedLock Provides a synchronization mechanism that preserves ordering.
Public class OrderedLock.Position
Public class OrderedStringTable
Public class OutboundLinkType
Public class PartialPermissionSetForwarderBase This is a base class for forwarding permissions from a flat namespace to a namespace that derives only a subset of its permissions from the source namespace.
Public class PartialPermissionSetNamespaceExtension This class is meant to work together with the ISecurityNamespaceExtension interface to allow for easily implementing the HasPermission, QueryPermissions and QueryEffectivePermissions calls for namespaces that forward a partial set of their permissions to another namespace.
Public class PatternUtility A lightweight pattern matching helper, more limited than RegEx, but faster. This is primarily used for UserAgent checks
Public class PermissionsController
Public class PermissionTable
Public class ProjectionBinder<T>
Public class ProjectServicingTokenConstants
Public class PropertyDefinition Used to represent a property type in the property service. Each property is assigned a unique ID and can be used in any property service namespace.
Public class PropertyDefinitionDoesNotExistException PropertyDoesNotExistException - this is thrown when a call is made to get a property definition that does not exist.
Public class PropertyServiceException PropertyServiceException - this type can be used by SqlExceptionFactory ONLY
Public class PropertyValue Represents a property-value pair.
Public class ProxyParentClassAttribute Attribute which may be used to change the parent class of the generated proxy.
Public class PublicTokenTable
Public class QueryExpression
Public class QueryExpressionException
Public class QueryJobsTable
Public class QuotaDefinition
Public class QuotaDefinitionsManager
Public class QuotaDefinitionTable
Public class QuotaExceededException
Public class QuotaFilter
Public class QuotaValue
Public class QuotaValueCollection
Public class QuotaValueProvidersManager
Public class QuotaValuesManager
Public class RedirectionException Thrown when a ITeamFoundationRequestFilter is redirecting a client to a different url for a resource.
Public class RegistrationArtifactType
Public class RegistrationDatabase
Public class RegistrationEventType
Public class RegistrationExtendedAttribute2
Public class RegistrationServiceInterface
Public class RegistryAuditEntry
Public class RegistryEntry
Public class RegistryEntryCollection
Public class RegistryPathException
Public class RegistryPathPatternException
Public class ReleaseInfo
Public class ReleaseManifest
Public class RemoveAccessMappingException This is thrown when someone tries to unregister an access mapping that is the default of a service definition.
Public class RequestCanceledException RequestCanceledException is thrown when a call is made to the ThrowIfCanceled is called on a request context that is shutting down.
Public class RequestContextBase
Public class RequestContextExtensions Common extensions to TeamFoundationRequestContext
Public class RequestContextValidator
Public class RequestDisabledDetailsException The exception that is thrown when the details of why the request was disabled.
Public class RequestDisabledException An exception thrown by DisabledRequestCheckingFilter.BeginRequest to indicate that the request presented by the TeamFoundationRequestContext is forbidden from accessing the server.
Public class RequestFilterException Thrown by the an ITeamFoundationRequestFilter when it wants to reject a request. The message provided will be relayed to the caller.
Public class RequestLanguage
Public class RequestRestrictions Describes the authentication and handler requirements for a client request.
Public class RequiredClientServiceAttribute Used to signify that a particular class requires a service on deserialization.
Public class ResourceManagementComponent
Public class ResourceManagementComponent2
Public class ResourceManagementSetting
Public class ResourceStreamNotFoundException Thrown when the client uploads the last chunk of a file, but some of the previous chunks are not there. It is also thrown when the uploaded content is not fully received, because of slow network connection, for example.
Public class ResultCollection Represents a collection of results returned from the database.
Public class SecurityChangedNotification
Public class SecurityConverter
Public class SecurityNamespaceAlreadyExistsException This is thrown when someone tries to create a security namespace with an Id that already exists.
Public class SecurityNamespaceDescription Class for describing the details of a TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace.
Public class SecurityNamespacesController
Public class SecurityRestApiResourceProvider
Public class SecurityService
Public class SerializationWrapper
Public class ServerTraceLogger A logger that only traces. Can be used as the default logger when no logger is supplied.
Public class ServiceHost<T>
Public class ServiceHostStatusChangedResponse
Public class ServiceIdentity Represents the service identity known to the system.
Public class ServiceIdentityInfo The service identity information.
Public class ServiceLevel
Public class ServiceLevelException
Public class ServiceNotRegisteredException
Public class ServiceVersionEntry Encapsulates service version information
Public class ServiceVersionNotSupportedException
Public class ServicingContext
Public class ServicingDisabledException
Public class ServicingExecutionHandlerData
Public class ServicingHostValidatorConstants
Public class ServicingIssues A simple class to track a list of issues that should prevent running an admin action. Before an operation is performed, code should run to validate all the params and the state of the entities being administered. For example, during split, a host db, a list of collection host ids etc... are passed in. If the host db doesn't exist, or a partition is being serviced, an input is fat fingered etc... we should detect that before queueing the split. The method that checks thoses conditions returns this structured information. This is a class encapsulating a list of strings so we can offer convenience String.Format overloads and we can control how we serialize it over the wire.
Public class ServicingItemConstants
Public class ServicingJobData
Public class ServicingJobDetail Each servicing operation for host is recorded and the details of the operation are described by the ServicingJobDetail.
Public class ServicingJobInfo
Public class ServicingJobStats
Public class ServicingLogEntry
Public class ServicingLogger
Public class ServicingLogWriter
Public class ServicingOperation Represents a block of one or more servicing step groups that are to be run back to back.
Public class ServicingOperationAlreadyExistsException
Public class ServicingOperationConstants
Public class ServicingOperationHandlerNotFoundException
Public class ServicingOperationInfo
Public class ServicingOperationNotFoundException
Public class ServicingOperationProviderBase Base class for servicing operation providers
Public class ServicingRestApiResourceProvider
Public class ServicingStep
Public class ServicingStepAttribute This attribute marks method as a step performer.
Public class ServicingStepDetail
Public class ServicingStepDriver
Public class ServicingStepGroup
Public class ServicingStepGroupAlreadyExistsException
Public class ServicingStepGroupDependencyException
Public class ServicingStepGroupHandlerNotFoundException
Public class ServicingStepGroupInUseException
Public class ServicingStepGroupNotFoundException
Public class ServicingStepGroupProviderBase Servicing step group provider.
Public class ServicingStepLogEntry
Public class ServicingStepStateChange
Public class ServicingTokenConstants
Public class ServicingValidationException
Public class SettingAttribute
Public class SharePointServicingTokenConstants
Public class SigningInfo Contains information associated with the signing of objects
Public class SortedGuidTable
Public class SqlAzureException
Public class SqlAzureReason
Public class SqlBatch
Public class SqlColumnBinder This class is a convienent way to efficiently access result columns. It caches column ordinals. To use this class, create a static instance of it, pass in the column name to the constructor, and use the GetXXX methods at runtime to retrieve the values. After the first GetXXX() call, the column number will be cached. This object should be reused for any future calls against the same shape of result set.
Public class SqlErrorExtensions
Public class SqlExceptionFactory
Public class SqlNotificationEventClasses
Public class SqlScript
Public class SqlScriptResourceComponent The SqlScriptComponent is used by the Servicing steps to execute all SQL against the service databases. This component is used only in the process of servicing and therefore does not perform validation checks.
Public class StepDetailLogger
Public class StepPerformerAttribute This attributes marks method as a step performer.
Public class StepPerformerNotFoundException Thrown when the given step performer is not registered in the system.
Public class StreamingCollection<T>
Public class StreamingCollectionUnsupportedOperationException
Public class StreamWriterLogEntryHandler
Public class StringTable
Public class StrongBoxConstants
Public class StrongBoxDrawerExistsException
Public class StrongBoxDrawerNotFoundException
Public class StrongBoxException
Public class StrongBoxItemInfo
Public class StrongBoxItemNotFoundException
Public class StructuredListLogEntryHandler
Public class TeamFoundationAccessControlException
Public class TeamFoundationAccessControlService Service used to configure Access Control for Hosted TFS
Public class TeamFoundationActivityLogService Service used to retrieve activity log entries from activity log
Public class TeamFoundationApplicationCore
Public class TeamFoundationAuthenticationService
Public class TeamFoundationBaseRegistryService
Public class TeamFoundationCacheService<TKey, TValue> A base class that can be used to implement an in-memory cache service. This class provides thread safe get/add methods, implements ITeamFoundationService and cleanup scheduling. Derived class must implement a cleanup logic.
Public class TeamFoundationCertificateIdentityService
Public class TeamFoundationCollationService Collation service
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseCopyException An exception raised when a database is not successfully copied.
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseManagementService
Public class TeamFoundationDatabasePool
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseProperties
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseSettings
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseSplitException
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseTenantUsage
Public class TeamFoundationDatabaseXmlWriter A class that encapsulates the StringWriter and XmlTextWriter that is typically used to write xml for SProc calls.
Public class TeamFoundationDataReader A utility class which allows a variable set of data objects (and especially enumerable data objects) to be accessed in a sequential manner. The reader also disposes of important resources that may be associated with it and the objects that it contains.
Public class TeamFoundationDataTierComponent
Public class TeamFoundationDeserializationException Thrown when an extension was not loaded when it is expected to be successful.
Public class TeamFoundationEventId Define event log ID ranges.
Public class TeamFoundationEventLog Team Foundation Log class.
Public class TeamFoundationEventLogger
Public class TeamFoundationEventService
Public class TeamFoundationExecutionState A snapshot of the global and per-process state for one or all service hosts.
Public class TeamFoundationExtensionNotFoundException Thrown when an extension was not loaded when it is expected to be successful.
Public class TeamFoundationExtensionUtility
Public class TeamFoundationFeatureAvailabilityService Service determining availability for features at runtime
Public class TeamFoundationFileContainerService Manages containers and container items.
Public class TeamFoundationFileService
Public class TeamFoundationHostCreationValidState
Public class TeamFoundationHostManagementService
Public class TeamFoundationHostReadyState
Public class TeamFoundationInvalidCertificateException
Public class TeamFoundationJobDefinition
Public class TeamFoundationJobExecutionEntry
Public class TeamFoundationJobHistoryEntry
Public class TeamFoundationJobQueueEntry
Public class TeamFoundationJobReference A reference to a job used for queuing.
Public class TeamFoundationJobSchedule
Public class TeamFoundationJobService
Public class TeamFoundationJobServiceException Base class for job service exceptions
Public class TeamFoundationLocationService
Public class TeamFoundationLocationServiceException Base class for all location service exceptions.
Public class TeamFoundationLock
Public class TeamFoundationLockException
Public class TeamFoundationLockInfo The set of data that is used to describe a lock on a resource.
Public class TeamFoundationLockingService Locking Service
Public class TeamFoundationMailService A service for sending emails through SMTP.
Public class TeamFoundationMessageBusService
Public class TeamFoundationMessageQueueException Provides a common base class for message queue exceptions.
Public class TeamFoundationMessageQueueService Manages message queues for a Team Foundation Server Project Collection.
Public class TeamFoundationMetabase
Public class TeamFoundationModule
Public class TeamFoundationOAuthService A service that is used to register OAuth client applications and issue OAuth delegation tokens
Public class TeamFoundationOAuthServiceException Base class for OAuth service exceptions
Public class TeamFoundationPerformanceCounter This is a wrapper around the .NET FrameworkCounterData.
Public class TeamFoundationPerformanceCounters Wraps CounterSetInstance.
Public class TeamFoundationPerformanceService Intended to supply centralized performance API's.Currently supported: Single instance performance counters.
Public class TeamFoundationProcessStillRunningException Exception for when a TFS server process will not come to a full stop.
Public class TeamFoundationProfileService
Public class TeamFoundationPropertyService Default implementation of the manager interface. Provides management of generic artifact properties service.
Public class TeamFoundationQuotaService
Public class TeamFoundationRegistryService This service is used to read and write key/value pairs to a hierarchical registry.
Public class TeamFoundationRequestContext All Requests in a Team Foundation application create a TeamFoundationRequestContext and the context is available from the application or one of the framework base classes.
Public class TeamFoundationRequestInformation
Public class TeamFoundationResourceManagementService
Public class TeamFoundationResourceManagementServiceException
Public class TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace Class for managing and enforcing security for a set of AccessControlLists.
Public class TeamFoundationSecurityService An interface for managing collections of security namespaces.
Public class TeamFoundationSecurityServiceException Base class for all security service exceptions
Public class TeamFoundationServiceDependency
Public class TeamFoundationServiceException Base class for all custom exceptions thrown from Team Foundation code.
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHost
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHostActivity
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHostInstance Represents the per-process state for a Team Foundation service host.
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHostProcess
Public class TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties This is our internal TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties implementation used to drive the Deployment, Application, and Collection hosts.
Public class TeamFoundationServicingException
Public class TeamFoundationServicingService
Public class TeamFoundationSessionAuthenticationException
Public class TeamFoundationSigningService A service that can sign and validate caller messages using keys held by the signing service but accessed by the caller through a surrogate identifier guid.
Public class TeamFoundationSqlNotificationService
Public class TeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent
Public class TeamFoundationStepPerformerBase Optional base class for implementing IStepPerformer using registered delegates.
Public class TeamFoundationStrongBoxService
Public class TeamFoundationTableValueParameter<T>
Public class TeamFoundationTask A task that can be added to the Task Service to run one time or on an interval basis on a pool of worker threads. When the task runs, the provided callback method is invoked.
Public class TeamFoundationTaskService A service for queuing tasks to run one time or with a schedule using a pool of worker threads. When a task is executed, the provided task callback method is invoked.
Public class TeamFoundationTraceReadingService This service is used to read traces
Public class TeamFoundationTracingExtensionMethods Static class for Trace extension methods
Public class TeamFoundationTracingService
Public class TeamFoundationTracingService.TraceProvider
Public class TeamFoundationUnusedDatabaseInfo
Public class TeamFoundationValidationException Thrown when validating user input. Similar to ArgumentException but does not require the property to be an input parameter.
Public class TeamProjectCollectionProperties Contains the configuration information to configure a team project collection.
Public class TestPartitionComponent
Public class TfsApiController
Public class TfsApiControllerExtensions
Public class TfsApiHostTypeConstraint Ensures a resource is not visible unless the request context matches a specified configuration.
Public class TfsApiPropertyKeys
Public class TfsHostTypeConstraint Ensures a resource is not visible unless the request context matches a specified configuration.
Public class TfsImpersonationMessageHandler
Public class TfsmqConnectionNotification Provides information about a connection or disconnection from a message queue.
Public class TfsmqDequeueEvent Fired by the message queue system to determine whether a user should have read permission to the given queue. This enables TFS subsytems using MQ to provide their own security models. For example, Team Build provides a listener that verifies users of its queues have the UseBuildResources permission.
Public class TfsmqNotification Provides a common base class for all message queue notifications.
Public class TfsmqRegistrationChangedNotification Provides information about a change in message queue registration.
Public class TFSProvider
Public class TfsRequestMessageHandler
Public class TokenRename
Public class TokenRenameTable
Public class TokenTable
Public class TooManyItemsException Thrown when the user sends a request that attempts to return more items than are allowed by the securityNamespace-defined limit.
Public class TraceDefinition Trace Definition is the base class for both TraceEvent and TraceFilter
Public class TraceFilter This class describes a trace filter, that is a set of criteria on whether a trace event should be emitted
Public class TraceFilterAttribute This attribute will log an enter and leave trace point for an web-api action. Add this attribute to an action and pass in the enter and leave trace points you want associated with the action.
Public class TracePointRange
Public class TraceWatch Utility class that traces if we spend more time in a call than we expect
Public class UnauthorizedRequestException
Public class UnexpectedDatabaseResultException
Public class UnexpectedHostTypeException
Public class UnexpectedItemKindException
Public class UniqueInt32Table
Public class UnknownMigrationOwnerException Thrown by prc_MigrateFile when an unknown owner Id is set.
Public class UpdatePackage
Public class UpdatePackageHistoryEntry
Public class UserPreferences
Public class ValidationServicingException
Public class ValidationStepDriver
Public class VersionedApiControllerCustomNameAttribute Attribute that allows specifying a custom controller name that doesn't use the standard versioned API controller naming convention of: {Area}{ResourceName}[{ResourceVersion}]Controller
Public class VersionedApiResourceConstraint Routing constraint that enables selection of API controllers based on the api and resource versions of the incoming request
Public class VersionedApiResourceRegistration Contains methods to add and obtain information about registered API resources
Public class VirtualPathMappingException
Public class VirtualPathsConflictException
Public class VisualStudioServicesApplication
Public class WebApiTrace
Public class XmlPropertyWriter


  Structure Description
Public structure LockManager.NamedLockFrame The lock manager lock frame for named lock.
Public structure LockManager.ObjectLockFrame The lock manager lock frame for object lock.
Public structure ServiceVersionInfo
Public structure TeamFoundationExecutionEnvironment Provides an information about an environment associated with a request context.
Public structure TraceEvent This class describes a trace event, that is the output of a given trace statement


  Interface Description
Public interface IAnalysisConnectionValidator
Public interface IApplicationSettings
Public interface IBasicServicingStep
Public interface IBlobProvider
Public interface ICacheable This interface should be implemented by objects that will be cached by a streaming command. It allows the command to keep track of how much data it has cached.
Public interface ICancelable This interface must be implemented when an operation can be canceled.
Public interface ICommand All Server Commands implement ICommand, which enables them to be managed by the common server interfaces
Public interface IComponentCreator Component creator interface.
Public interface IContainerSecurityExtension Interface for security plugin of the TeamFoundationFileContainerService. Any artifact that wants to have file containers must implement this interface to provide security checks and Uri validation.
Public interface IDiagnosticMonitoring
Public interface IEnsureMachineExistsExtension Plugin definition for TeamFoundationHostManagement. Used to ensure that a machine exists in the catalog. This behavior is not always required by the Framework, therefore it is executed via a plugin pattern.
Public interface IFeatureAvailabilitySecurityManager
Public interface ILockName Lock name interface
Public interface IMessage Message received by a subscriber. Only valid for the duration of the Action<TeamFoundationRequestContext, IMessage> method. Do not cache this object as it will be disposed after the message has been delivered.
Public interface IMessageBusSubscriberJobExtensionReceiver A message receiver.
Public interface IMessageProvider Interface for implementation of message bus.
Public interface IPartitionServicingStep
Public interface IRecordable For recording array parameters in method information composite parameters must implement this interface.
Public interface IRequestContextServicingStep
Public interface ISecurityChangedEventHandler
Public interface ISecurityNamespaceExtension Implement this interface if you want to extend your security namespace. Note that a given security namespace can only have one extension.
Public interface IServicingExecutionHandlerProvider
Public interface IServicingLogEntryHandler
Public interface IServicingOperationExecutionHandler
Public interface IServicingOperationProvider
Public interface IServicingOperationProviderExtension Used to dynamicaly load ServicingOperationProviders that are unknown at compile time. For example, ALM specific providers (i.e. CreateProjectServicingProvider)
Public interface IServicingResourceProvider
Public interface IServicingStep
Public interface IServicingStepDetailLogger
Public interface IServicingStepGroupExecutionHandler
Public interface IServicingStepGroupProvider
Public interface IStepPerformer Provides the implementation of a Team Foundation Servicing Step.
Public interface IStepPerformerProvider
Public interface ISubscriber Subscribers must implement this interface. This interface provides the eventing manager with: - A method to deliver a published event to a subscriber - A property that contains the friendly name and priority of the subscriber - The set of eventTypes the subscriber wants to be notified on.
Public interface ITeamFoundationBasicAuthService An interface for the TeamFoundationBasicAuthService, which available in hosted TFS only.
Public interface ITeamFoundationCachingService
Public interface ITeamFoundationEventService
Public interface ITeamFoundationFeatureAvailabilityService Service determining availability for features at runtime
Public interface ITeamFoundationHostCreationValidator This interface must be implemented by objects that can evaluate host creation valid state
Public interface ITeamFoundationHostManagementService
Public interface ITeamFoundationHostStateValidator This interface must be implemented by objects that can evaluate host-ready state.
Public interface ITeamFoundationJobExtension
Public interface ITeamFoundationLocationService
Public interface ITeamFoundationProfileService
Public interface ITeamFoundationQuotaStorage Interface used for storing the quota values
Public interface ITeamFoundationQuotaValueProvider Interface for defining plugins for computing quota values.
Public interface ITeamFoundationRegistryService
Public interface ITeamFoundationReplicaAwareService Interface for replication-aware Team Foundation services Service Management is about notification of startup and shutdown, and database instance affinity.
Public interface ITeamFoundationRequestFilter An ITeamFoundationRequestFilter is used to receive notification of requests before they are processed and after they are completed.
Public interface ITeamFoundationSecurityService
Public interface ITeamFoundationService The ITeamFoundationService is designed to be implemented by third-party services. Service Management is about notification of startup and shutdown.
Public interface ITeamFoundationTaskService
Public interface ITfsApiResourceProvider
Public interface ITraceDataProvider


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ContinueExecutionCompletedCallback OPTIONAL delegate to notify eventual caller that continue execution ended and there is no more data to be queued.
Public delegate CreateProjectServicingProviderDelegate Delegate used to create a Project specific servicing provider.
Public delegate ErrorFormatterDelegate A delegate used for subscribers of OnFormatError event.
Public delegate ErrorReporterDelegate A delegate used for subscribers of OnReportError event.
Public delegate PermissionEvaluationCallback A function provided by the user of the [TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace]. It will be called every time that a permission decision is being made.
Public delegate RegistrySettingsChangedCallback Delegate for the RegistrySettingsChanged callback. Notifies a subscriber that the given registry entries were changed
Public delegate ServiceFactory<T> Delegate for injecting a factory to create TeamFoundationServices in a way that can circumvent TeamFoundationRequestContext.GetService. This delegate can be used to facilitate Dependency Injection. Use these in a service consuming class constructor.
Public delegate SqlExceptionHandler
Public delegate SqlNotificationCallback Used as a delegate for notifying callers that have signed up for notifications by means of the [TeamFoundationSqlNotificationService].
Public delegate SqlNotificationHandler The SqlNotificationHandler is used as a delegate for notifying callers that have signed up for notifications via the TeamFoundationSqlNotificationService.
Public delegate TeamFoundationTaskCallback TeamFoundationTaskCallback is used as the delegate to call into the consumer's provided worker method which is invoked when the task is executed.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AccessIntent
Public enumeration ActivityLogColumns
Public enumeration AllowedHandler
Public enumeration ApplicationGroupSpecialType
Public enumeration ArtifactKindFlags
Public enumeration AuthenticationMechanisms When a request required authentication, but failed to authenticate, these are the different kinds of authentication mechanisms that the response can advertise back to the client. When multiple mechanisms are allowed for a URI, some may take precedence over others, and that order of precedence is not defined here. The obligation on the part of the authentication module is to be sure *not* to advertise themselves in the response when their mechanism is missing from the list.
Public enumeration AvatarImageFormat
Public enumeration AzureDatabaseCopyState Azure Database Copy State
Public enumeration BindStringBehavior For use with the BindString method. Determines how null and empty strings will be handled when you are using BindString.
Public enumeration ClientPropertySerialization Enumeration which defines the directionality of a class property
Public enumeration ClientVisibility Enumeration which defines the different visibilities available on the client.
Public enumeration CompressionType Possible values for the Compression Type column of tbl_ServicingFile.
Public enumeration ComputePendingDeltasResult Possible values for the Delta Processing results
Public enumeration ContentType Possible values for the ContentType column of tbl_File
Public enumeration CustomerIntelligenceEntryPoint
Public enumeration DatabaseCompatibilityLevel Contains values that are used to the database compatibility level
Public enumeration DatabasePartitionState
Public enumeration DatabaseRecoveryModel Contains values that are used to specify the type of recovery model
Public enumeration DatabaseSnapshotIsolationState
Public enumeration DatabaseState A list of constant values that specify the database state
Public enumeration DatabaseUserAccess A list of constant values that specify how user access can be restricted.
Public enumeration DefaultAvatarColor
Public enumeration DeploymentType Defines constants for deployment types. These include Unknown, OnPremises, DevFabric, and Cloud.
Public enumeration DropDatabaseOptions
Public enumeration EstimatedMethodCost These EstimatedMethodCosts can be used to estimate the cost in units of work that a given method will require.
Public enumeration EventNotificationStatus The possible return values from the notification of a subscriber.
Public enumeration FeatureAvailabilityPermissions
Public enumeration FeatureAvailabilityScope
Public enumeration FeatureAvailabilityState
Public enumeration IdentityType
Public enumeration KpiState
Public enumeration Licensing.PIDAction List of return codes used by DDConfig. values are from vscommon\inc\DDConfig.h
Public enumeration Licensing.PIDFamily
Public enumeration Licensing.PIDOption
Public enumeration Licensing.PIDRange List of values returned from GetEdition. Indicates if the installed product key is for a beta, trial, retail, or volume licensed product values are from public\internal\env\inc\DDConfig.h
Public enumeration Licensing.PIDTime
Public enumeration Licensing.VSSKUSuite
Public enumeration LockManager.LockLevel The lock level of the lock type. Note that this effectively declares the order in which locks can be taken.
Public enumeration LockManager.LockType The lock types (aka the complete lock hierarchy). Order of appearance in this list is meaningless, as every value must be declared according to its LockKind and LockLevel.
Public enumeration LockMode
Public enumeration MethodType As web methods are executing, they will record the method type, which allows the logging system to filter the set of methods to the desired type.
Public enumeration NotificationType The publisher determines the reason for the notification and specifies one of the following values: - DecisionPoint – Notification.
Public enumeration OAuthGrantTypes The authorization grant types used by the OAuth application to obtain an access token. See
Public enumeration OAuthHostType Enumeration containing the host restriction applied to OAuth tokens
Public enumeration OAuthTokenType Enumeration containing the possible types of OAuth tokens
Public enumeration OwnerId
Public enumeration PropertyTypeMatch
Public enumeration QueryExecutionState Enum used to represent what state the query execution is currently in
Public enumeration QuotaValueScope
Public enumeration RegistrationChangeType
Public enumeration RemoteStoreId
Public enumeration RequestContextType
Public enumeration RequiredAuthentication Requirement of a request for an authenticated user representing ascending levels of validation.
Public enumeration SecurityChangeType
Public enumeration ServerConfiguration
Public enumeration ServiceHostFilterFlags Used to define the set of information that is required when you call QueryServiceHostProperties.
Public enumeration ServicingAction
Public enumeration ServicingFlags This is the set of options that can be supplied with a servicing job to validate the state of the system before the job is executed.
Public enumeration ServicingJobInfoColumn
Public enumeration ServicingJobResult
Public enumeration ServicingJobStatus Defines what state the servicing operation is currently in.
Public enumeration ServicingLogEntryType
Public enumeration ServicingLogLevel
Public enumeration ServicingOperationTarget
Public enumeration ServicingOperationType
Public enumeration ServicingStepDetailFilterOptions ServicingStepDetailFilterOptions are used when the program calls GetServicingDetails. It controls how the queue time is interpreted.
Public enumeration ServicingStepGroupExecutionDecision
Public enumeration SigningAlgorithm Possible values for the SigningAlgorithm
Public enumeration SortOrder
Public enumeration SplitFactor
Public enumeration SplitMethod
Public enumeration SqlAzureResourceType
Public enumeration SqlAzureSessionResource
Public enumeration SqlAzureThrottlingMode
Public enumeration SqlResourceComponentFeatures
Public enumeration StrongBoxItemKind
Public enumeration SubscriberPriority Subscriber priorities determine subscriber notification order. Subscribers with the same priority are notified in subscription order. The priorities must be in ascending priority order.
Public enumeration TeamFoundationConfigurationStatus Indicates the status of a the TeamFoundaitonConfiguration after a validation
Public enumeration TeamFoundationDatabaseFlags
Public enumeration TeamFoundationDatabaseLoggingOptions
Public enumeration TeamFoundationDatabaseStatus The status of a Team Foundation Server database.
Public enumeration TeamFoundationDatabaseType The type of the database
Public enumeration TeamFoundationHostType
Public enumeration TeamFoundationJobExecutionResult The result of executing a job extension.
Public enumeration TeamFoundationLockMode This is the set of lock modes that can be acquired when you call AcquireLock on the TeamFoundationLockingService.
Protected enumeration TeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent.ExecuteType Used to indicate which SqlCommand.ExecuteXXX() call to make
Public enumeration TfsmqRegistrationChangeType Represents the change types for the registration changed event.
Public enumeration TokenType
Public enumeration UnusedDatabaseReasonNotUsed
Public enumeration UpdatePackageOptions