Compiler Error CS1708

Fixed size buffers can only be accessed through locals or fields

A new feature in C# 2.0 is the ability to define an in-line array inside of a struct. Such arrays can only be accessed via local variables or fields, and may not be referenced as intermediate values on the left-hand side of an expression. Also, the arrays cannot be accessed by fields that are static or readonly.

To resolve this error, define an array variable, and assign the in-line array to the variable. Or, remove the static or readonly modifier from the field representing the in-line array.


The following sample generates CS1708.

// CS1708.cs
// compile with: /unsafe
using System;

unsafe public struct S
    public fixed char name[10];

public unsafe class C
    public S UnsafeMethod()
        S myS = new S();
        return myS;

    static void Main()
        C myC = new C();
        myC.UnsafeMethod().name[3] = 'a';  // CS1708
        // Uncomment the following 2 lines to resolve:
        // S myS = myC.UnsafeMethod();
        //[3] = 'a';

        // The field cannot be static.[3] = 'a';  // CS1708

        // The field cannot be readonly.[3] = 'a';  // CS1708

    static readonly S _s1;
    public readonly S _s2;