Importing Projects from Team Foundation Server

You can import a project from the server to your Eclipse workspace.


We strongly recommend that you use the following procedure to import a project rather than manually mapping and getting files. Manual mapping and getting is error-prone and can cause unpredictable behavior if you did not choose the correct mappings. Instead, importing can check compatibility issues and prevent Eclipse workspace problems.

To import an Eclipse project from Team Foundation Server

  1. In Eclipse, choose File, Import.


    The Import dialog box appears.

  2. In Select an import source, enter team to filter the list to the Team node.

    You can also expand the Team node manually.

    Select project


    In older versions of Eclipse, this list might be flat instead of hierarchical.

  3. In the list, choose Team Foundation Server.

  4. Choose Next.

    The Import Project from Team Foundation Server dialog box appears.

  5. On the Project Selection page, in the Import Project(s) list, specify the Eclipse project or projects that you want to import.

    To import multiple Eclipse projects, highlight each project that you want to import. For Eclipse projects, you must select the folders that contain the .project file. The projects are not imported if you specify the parent folder instead.

    Import project from Team Foundation Server


    To highlight multiple project folders, you can press and hold Ctrl and choose the folders. You can highlight a range of folders if you press and hold Shift and choose the first and last folder in the range that you want to import.

  6. (Optional) You can perform any of the following steps:

    • Choose the Save button to export the specified Eclipse projects to an XML file.

      You can send that XML file to other users on your team, which might be useful if you must import many Eclipse projects into your workspace.

    • Choose the Load button to import a list of Eclipse projects from an XML file.

    • Select the Add project to Working Set check box if you want to group related Eclipse projects in a container that is called a working set.

      This grouping affects only how Eclipse projects appear, not working folders.

    • Select the Show the New Project Wizard for folders that are not Eclipse Projects check box if you want to create an Eclipse project from each of those folders.

      The wizard appears only for selected folders that are not already Eclipse projects.

    • Select the Perform a Force Get Latest of files in the selected projects check box if you want to force a download of all items from the server, even if they already exist on the local file system. By default, the most recent versions of files are retrieved if they do not already exist on the local file system. You should only need to select this check box if you have already set working folder mappings for the specified folders in the Team Foundation Server workspace but the local copy is somehow corrupted.

  7. Choose Next.

  8. On the Confirmation page, review the projects that you specified to import. If the list is correct, choose Finish. If you must make corrections, choose Back.

    Import confirmation

    The specified Eclipse projects appear in Package Explorer.

    Finish importing project

    Now you can manually open Team Explorer to display the associated team project.

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