Sharing Eclipse Projects in Team Foundation Server

After you’ve installed Team Explorer Everywhere, you can add your Eclipse project into Team Foundation Server so you can share the project with the rest of the team. Then you can open Team Explorer to interact with work items, work item queries, files under version control, documents, build definitions, and reports.

To share Eclipse projects in Team Foundation Server

  1. In Package Explorer, open the shortcut menu for the project that you want to add to version control, and then choose Team, Share Project.

    Share project

    The Share Project dialog box appears.

  2. In the Select a repository type list, choose Team Foundation Server, and then choose Next.

    Share Project to Team Foundation Server

  3. Choose a server location where you want to share your project.

    Select location

  4. Review the summary information, and if it’s correct, choose Finish.

    Share project confirmation

    Choose Back to return to previous steps and make changes.

    The project in your local workspace is associated with the version of the project that is under version control in Team Foundation Server.

    By default, Team Explorer does not appear.

Check the project in to TFS

Here’s how:

  1. On the Window menu, choose Show View, Other.

    Show other view

    The Show View dialog box appears.

    Show view

  2. Expand the Team Foundation Server folder, choose Team Explorer, and choose OK.

    Team Explorer appears.

    TEE Home Page

  3. Go to Pending Changes page.

    Pending changes page

  4. On the Pending Changes page, choose Check In.

    Now your code is in TFS, so you can get back to coding. You can check in your code and get changes that others make to the code. You can use TFS to build your app, too.

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