VersionControlHistory.Show Method (String, VersionSpec, Int32, RecursionType, String, VersionSpec, VersionSpec, Int32, Nullable<Boolean>)

Show the history for the specified item in this history tool window.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.VersionControl
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.VersionControl (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.dll)


Public Sub Show ( _
    serverPath As String, _
    version As VersionSpec, _
    deletionId As Integer, _
    recursionType As RecursionType, _
    userFilter As String, _
    versionFrom As VersionSpec, _
    versionTo As VersionSpec, _
    maxVersions As Integer, _
    slotMode As Nullable(Of Boolean) _
public void Show(
    string serverPath,
    VersionSpec version,
    int deletionId,
    RecursionType recursionType,
    string userFilter,
    VersionSpec versionFrom,
    VersionSpec versionTo,
    int maxVersions,
    Nullable<bool> slotMode
void Show(
    String^ serverPath, 
    VersionSpec^ version, 
    int deletionId, 
    RecursionType recursionType, 
    String^ userFilter, 
    VersionSpec^ versionFrom, 
    VersionSpec^ versionTo, 
    int maxVersions, 
    Nullable<bool> slotMode
member Show : 
        serverPath:string * 
        version:VersionSpec * 
        deletionId:int * 
        recursionType:RecursionType * 
        userFilter:string * 
        versionFrom:VersionSpec * 
        versionTo:VersionSpec * 
        maxVersions:int * 
        slotMode:Nullable<bool> -> unit
public function Show(
    serverPath : String, 
    version : VersionSpec, 
    deletionId : int, 
    recursionType : RecursionType, 
    userFilter : String, 
    versionFrom : VersionSpec, 
    versionTo : VersionSpec, 
    maxVersions : int, 
    slotMode : Nullable<boolean>


  • maxVersions
    Type: System.Int32

    The maximum number of versions to retrieve

  • slotMode
    Type: System.Nullable<Boolean>

    True to show history for all items that have occupied the requested path

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