Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.VersionControl Namespace


Class Description
Public class ControlChooseAddLocation A control for selecting where to add something to version control.
Public class ControlLinkToSccOptions
Public class FolderDiffFontAndColorDefaultsProvider Provides Font and Color defaults and metadata
Public class FolderDiffFontAndColors This class implements IVs* interfaces to interact with VS Tools, Options, Fonts and colors dialog
Public class PendingChangesExt Represents the Pending Changes tool window.
Public class SccPage
Public class TFVCTeamExplorerGettingStartedProviderVS
Public class TFVCTeamExplorerSccInfoProviderVS
Public class VersionControlAnnotate Wrapper for an Annotate tool window.
Public class VersionControlAnnotateChangesetItem Wrapper for an Annotate changeset item.
Public class VersionControlAnnotateExt Encapsulate the Annotate extensibility object
Public class VersionControlAnnotateExt.VersionControlAnnotateEventArgs Event args for Annotate events.
Public class VersionControlAnnotateRegion Encapsulate a region in an Annotate viewer.
Public class VersionControlBaseExt Base class for version control windows that have selection.
Public class VersionControlBaseToolWindowExt Base class for version control tool windows.
Public class VersionControlBranchVisualizer Wrapper for a branch visualizer tool window.
Public class VersionControlBranchVisualizerBranch Encapsulate a branch item in the visualization
Public class VersionControlBranchVisualizerExt Encapsulate the Branch Visualizer extensibility object
Public class VersionControlBranchVisualizerExt.VersionControlBranchVisualizerEventArgs Event args for Branch Visualizer events.
Public class VersionControlExplorerExt This represents the Version Control Explorer.
Public class VersionControlExplorerItem This represents an item in the Version Control Explorer.
Public class VersionControlExt This represents the Version Control Extensibility model within Visual Studio.
Public class VersionControlFolderDifference Encapsulate a wrapper for a Folder Difference instance.
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceExt Encapsulate the Folder Difference extensibility object
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceExt.VersionControlFolderDifferenceEventArgs Wrapper EventArgs class to pass back the folder difference wrapper instance
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceExt.VersionControlFolderDifferenceParams
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceItem Encapsulate an item in a Folder Difference results view.
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceOptions Encapsulate the Folder Difference filter and options.
Public class VersionControlFolderDifferenceStatistics Encapsulate the comparison statistics for a Folder Difference instance.
Public class VersionControlHistory Wrapper for a History tool window.
Public class VersionControlHistoryChangesetItem Wrapper for a history changeset item.
Public class VersionControlHistoryExt This represents the History tool window(s).
Public class VersionControlHistoryExt.VersionControlHistorySelectionChangedEventArgs Event args for History selection changed events.
Public class VersionControlHistoryExt.VersionControlHistoryWindowEventArgs Event args for History events.
Public class VersionControlHistoryLabelItem Wrapper for a history label item.
Public class VersionControlLabelDocument
Public class VersionControlLabelDocumentItem Represents an item in a VersionControlLabelDocument
Public class VersionControlLabelExt
Public class VersionControlLabelExt.VersionControlLabelDocumentEventArgs Event args for Label events.


Interface Description
Public interface IVersionControlProvider
Public interface IVersionControlService


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SccProviderEnum
Public enumeration VersionControlAnnotateRegionChangesetState The changeset state of the Annotate region.
Public enumeration VersionControlBindEvent
Public enumeration VersionControlBranchVisualizerTrackingView Tracking views
Public enumeration VersionControlBranchVisualizerType Branch visualizer types
Public enumeration VersionControlCommand
Public enumeration VersionControlConnectFlags
Public enumeration VersionControlContextFlags
Public enumeration VersionControlEnumChangesReason
Public enumeration VersionControlEnumDirMode
Public enumeration VersionControlExtendedStatus
Public enumeration VersionControlFolderDifferenceItemState Folder Difference item compared states
Public enumeration VersionControlGetFlags
Public enumeration VersionControlHistoryChannel The History tool window channels.
Public enumeration VersionControlHResultsType
Public enumeration VersionControlLabelDocumentSaveOptions Save options for the Label document window.
Public enumeration VersionControlLockLevel
Public enumeration VersionControlMoveFlags
Public enumeration VersionControlOpenFlags
Public enumeration VersionControlOpenFromSccOverwrite
Public enumeration VersionControlOperationType
Public enumeration VersionControlRecursionType