VersionControlServer.UnlabelItem Method (String, String, array<ItemSpec[], VersionSpec, Predicate<Failure>, array<Failure %)

Removes a label that is applied to an item.

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll)


Public Function UnlabelItem ( _
    labelName As String, _
    labelScope As String, _
    itemSpecs As ItemSpec(), _
    version As VersionSpec, _
    failureFilter As Predicate(Of Failure), _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef filteredFailures As Failure() _
) As LabelResult()
public LabelResult[] UnlabelItem(
    string labelName,
    string labelScope,
    ItemSpec[] itemSpecs,
    VersionSpec version,
    Predicate<Failure> failureFilter,
    out Failure[] filteredFailures
array<LabelResult^>^ UnlabelItem(
    String^ labelName, 
    String^ labelScope, 
    array<ItemSpec^>^ itemSpecs, 
    VersionSpec^ version, 
    Predicate<Failure^>^ failureFilter, 
    [OutAttribute] array<Failure^>^% filteredFailures
member UnlabelItem : 
        labelName:string * 
        labelScope:string * 
        itemSpecs:ItemSpec[] * 
        version:VersionSpec * 
        failureFilter:Predicate<Failure> * 
        filteredFailures:Failure[] byref -> LabelResult[] 
public function UnlabelItem(
    labelName : String, 
    labelScope : String, 
    itemSpecs : ItemSpec[], 
    version : VersionSpec, 
    failureFilter : Predicate<Failure>, 
    filteredFailures : Failure[]
) : LabelResult[]


  • labelName
    Type: System.String

    The name of the label being removed

  • labelScope
    Type: System.String

    The repository path denoting the scope at which the label is defined

Return Value

Type: array<Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.LabelResult[]
Results of the label operations

.NET Framework Security

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