Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Discussion.Client Namespace


Class Description
Public class Comment A comment is a part of a discussion. When a discussion is initiated, it should have a root comment by the initiator, and other comments by the contributors.
Public class CommentId Represents the unique identifier of a comment in a team project collection.
Public class DiscussionException Base class for all exceptions thrown by the Tfs Discussion API.
Public class DiscussionPosition Position of the discussion in a file.
Public class DiscussionPublishException
Public class DiscussionSaveException
Public class DiscussionThread A discussion is a comment thread associated with a block of code, a file or a code review.
Public class TeamFoundationDiscussionService The entry point of Team Foundation Discussion Service.


Interface Description
Public interface IDiscussionManager Manages publishing and querying the discussions against Team Foundation Server.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CommentType The type of a comment.
Public enumeration DiscussionSeverity The severity of a discussion.
Public enumeration DiscussionStatus The status of a discussion.
Public enumeration QueryStoreOptions The option to query for discussions.
Public enumeration ReadStatus The read status of a discussion.