How to: Upgrade Rich Internet Applications to Visual Studio 2013

WCF Rich Internet Application Services item templates and project templates (for example, Silverlight Business Application template) are removed for Visual Studio 2013. If you open an existing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or Visual Studio 2012 project containing WCF Rich Internet Application services items, you can build, and maintain the project using Visual Studio 2013. New WCF Rich Internet Application Services projects and additive changes are discouraged because the project and item templates have been removed.

Even though the Business Application Project template has been removed from Visual Studio 2013, you can still create new Rich Internet Application Services projects by using the basic Silverlight project templates and enabling the Rich Internet Application Services Link. The New Domain Service Class wizard item template has been removed, and you can no longer use the scaffolding of Domain Services by selecting entities. You can add new DomainService objects to your projects by using the basic Class template and then adding the necessary imports and code to the class.

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