ext_ConnectMode Enumeration

Informs the add-in about how it was loaded by the integrated development environment (IDE).

Namespace: Extensibility
Assembly: Extensibility (in Extensibility.dll)


<GuidAttribute("289E9AF1-4973-11D1-AE81-00A0C90F26F4")> _
Public Enumeration ext_ConnectMode
public enum ext_ConnectMode
public enum class ext_ConnectMode
type ext_ConnectMode
public enum ext_ConnectMode


Member name Description
ext_cm_AfterStartup The add-in was loaded after Visual Studio started.
ext_cm_CommandLine The add-in was loaded from the command line.
ext_cm_External The add-in was loaded by an external client. (This setting is no longer used by Visual Studio.)
ext_cm_Solution The add-in was loaded with a solution.
ext_cm_Startup The add-in was loaded when Visual Studio started.
ext_cm_UISetup The add-in was loaded for user interface setup.


Add-ins can check the value of ext_ConnectMode to change its behavior. For example, the ext_cm_UISetup value indicates to the add-in that this is the first time it has been run. If so, the add-in can add its custom commands to the menu and toolbar. Otherwise, it can skip this step.

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