<example> (Visual Basic)

Specifies an example for the member.



  • description
    A description of the code sample.


The <example> tag lets you specify an example of how to use a method or other library member. This commonly involves using the <code> (Visual Basic) tag.

Compile with /doc to process documentation comments to a file.


This example uses the <example> tag to include an example for using the ID field.

Public Class Employee
    ''' <remarks> 
    ''' <example> This sample shows how to set the <c>ID</c> field. 
    ''' <code> 
    ''' Dim alice As New Employee 
    ''' alice.ID = 1234 
    ''' </code> 
    ''' </example> 
    ''' </remarks> 
    Public ID As Integer 
End Class

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