<list> (Visual Basic)

Defines a list or table.

<list type="type">


  • type
    The type of the list. Must be a "bullet" for a bulleted list, "number" for a numbered list, or "table" for a two-column table.

  • term
    Only used when type is "table." A term to define, which is defined in the description tag.

  • description
    When type is "bullet" or "number," description is an item in the list When type is "table," description is the definition of term.


The <listheader> block defines the heading of either a table or definition list. When defining a table, you only have to supply an entry for term in the heading.

Each item in the list is specified with an <item> block. When creating a definition list, you must specify both term and description. However, for a table, bulleted list, or numbered list, you only have to supply an entry for description.

A list or table can have as many <item> blocks as needed.

Compile with /doc to process documentation comments to a file.


This example uses the <list> tag to define a bulleted list in the remarks section.

''' <remarks>Before calling the <c>Reset</c> method, be sure to: 
''' <list type="bullet"> 
''' <item><description>Close all connections.</description></item> 
''' <item><description>Save the object state.</description></item> 
''' </list> 
''' </remarks> 
Public Sub Reset()
    ' Code goes here. 
End Sub

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