<param> (Visual Basic)

Defines a parameter name and description.

<param name="name">description</param>


  • name
    The name of a method parameter. Enclose the name in double quotation marks (" ").

  • description
    A description for the parameter.


The <param> tag should be used in the comment for a method declaration to describe one of the parameters for the method.

The text for the <param> tag will appear in the following locations:

Compile with /doc to process documentation comments to a file.


This example uses the <param> tag to describe the id parameter.

''' <param name="id">The ID of the record to update.</param> 
''' <remarks>Updates the record <paramref name="id"/>. 
''' <para>Use <see cref="DoesRecordExist"/> to verify that 
''' the record exists before calling this method.</para> 
''' </remarks> 
Public Sub UpdateRecord(ByVal id As Integer)
    ' Code goes here. 
End Sub 
''' <param name="id">The ID of the record to check.</param> 
''' <returns><c>True</c> if <paramref name="id"/> exists, 
''' <c>False</c> otherwise.</returns> 
''' <remarks><seealso cref="UpdateRecord"/></remarks> 
Public Function DoesRecordExist(ByVal id As Integer) As Boolean 
    ' Code goes here. 
End Function

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