<value> (Visual Basic)

Specifies the description of a property.



  • property-description
    A description for the property.


Use the <value> tag to describe a property. Note that when you add a property using the code wizard in the Visual Studio development environment, it will add a <summary> (Visual Basic) tag for the new property. You should then manually add a <value> tag to describe the value that the property represents.

Compile with /doc to process documentation comments to a file.


This example uses the <value> tag to describe what value the Counter property holds.

''' <summary> 
''' Resets the value the <c>Counter</c> field. 
''' </summary> 
Public Sub ResetCounter()
    counterValue = 0
End Sub 
Private counterValue As Integer = 0
''' <summary> 
''' Returns the number of times Counter was called. 
''' </summary> 
''' <value>Number of times Counter was called.</value> 
Public ReadOnly Property Counter() As Integer 
        counterValue += 1
        Return counterValue
    End Get 
End Property

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