Administer Team Foundation Server

Administrators of an on-premises deployment of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) install, configure, and maintain the deployment. They are tasked with supporting teams to have access to the resources to do their work. This includes managing permissions and access to servers, backing up and restoring data, and maintaining the security of the deployment.

Get started

If you’re new to managing TFS, you can get a server up and running with these four steps.

Install and configure TFS

Set up TFS on a server

Define the project by choice of template

Create a team project to manage code and track work

Quickly add users by adding them to the team

Add team members to the team project so they can start working

Protect your data by configuring backups

Configure a backup schedule and plan to protect loss of data

Administer TFS users, groups, application-tiers, and databases

Manage user access to your deployment

Manage users or groups in TFS

Expand or change your deployment capabilities

Configure and manage TFS resources

Scale your deployment

Conceptual image for reports

Manage TFS reports, data warehouse, and analysis services cube

Back up and restore your TFS deployment

Back up and restore TFS

Conceptual image for customization tasks

Technical Reference for Team Foundation

Administer build, test, and lab systems

Configure and manage your build system

Configure and manage your build system

Configure and manage Lab Management

Setting Up Test Machines to Run Tests or Collect Data

Configure and administer Lab Management

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