Command-line tools for TFS

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) command-line tools do several types of tasks. Some tasks can be done through a user interface and others are accessible only through the tool. Command-line tool tasks include managing Team Foundation version control (TFVC) objects, work item tracking objects, objects that support Microsoft Test Manager, as well as configuring and managing TFS application-tier servers.

You might need to open an elevated Command Prompt window to run a command line tool, even if you log on with administrative credentials.

Client tools: To access client command-line tools, open a Command Prompt window where either Visual Studio or Team Explorer is installed and enter:

cd %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE

On a 32-bit edition of Windows, replace %programfiles(x86)% with %programfiles%.

Server tools: To access server command-line tools, open a Command Prompt window on the application-tier server where TFS is installed and enter:

cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 12.0\Tools

For the required permissions to exercise the command options, see the associated topic.


Client tool

Server tool

Manage TFVC:

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Manage work item tracking:

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Manage Microsoft Test Management objects:

  • TCM command line tools

    Run tests, import automated tests, and view a list of test items.

  • tcm bugfieldmapping

    Import and export a mapping file to change the bug type used to automatically file bugs or customize the pick list for resolution states and failure types.

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Manage TFS servers:

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Manage Visual Studio Lab Management:

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Q & A

Q: Are there other command line tools that interface with TFS?

A: Yes. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Power Tools provides companion tools to tf.exe that offer additional version control commands, work item tracking, and team project manipulation. Some commands invoke a graphical user interface. In addition, the power tools provide several user interface tools. Refer to the help content that ships with the power tools for usage.