/gc command: Create a project-level group

Use /gc at a command prompt to create a project-level group. To create a project-level group from the user interface, see Manage users or groups in TFS.

Required Permissions

To use the /gc command, you must have the Edit Project-Level Information permission for that team project set to Allow. For more information, see Permission reference for Team Foundation Server.

TFSSecurity /gc Scope GroupName [GroupDescription] [/collection:CollectionURL]





The URI of the team project to which you want to add a project-level group. To obtain the URI for a team project, connect to it, and open Team Explorer, hover over the name of the project in Home, and read the address. Alternatively, connect to the project in Web Access and copy the URL.


The name of the new group.


A description of the project group. Optional.


The URL of the team project collection. Required. The group will be created within the team project collection. The format for the URL is http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName


Run this command on an application-tier server for Team Foundation.

A project-level group is a security group for your team project. You can use project groups to grant read, write, and administrative permissions that meet the security requirements of your organization.


The following example creates a group that is specific to the project that the URI "vstfs://Classification/TeamProject/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" specifies. The group is named "Test Group" and has the description "This group is for testing."


The examples are for illustration only and are fictitious. No real association is intended or inferred.

You must replace the placeholder GUID with the URI of the team project for which you want to create this group. To obtain the URI for a team project, open Team Explorer, right-click the team project, click Properties, and copy the entire value of the URL property.

After you run the command, you can verify the group in Team Explorer. Right-click the team project that you used in the command, click Team Project Settings, and then click Group Memberships. In the Project Groups on TeamProjectName dialog box, the Groups list includes Test Group .


You can use the /gc command to create groups but not to add any users to the groups or assign any permissions. To change the membership of the group, see /g+ command: Add a user or another group to an existing group and /g- command: Remove a user or group. To change the permissions for the group, see /a+ command: Add permissions and /a- command: Remove a user or a group from membership in a group.

>TFSSecurity /gc "vstfs:///Classification/TeamProject/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" "Test Group" "This group is for team members who test our code" /collection:CollectionURL

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