Add or change how Project fields map to TFS fields

You can customize how data is published and refreshed by modifying the Microsoft Project mapping file. When publishing or refreshing tasks in Project, the mapping file determines how Project task fields map to Team Foundation Server (TFS) work item fields. Also, the mapping file controls the publishing behavior.


If you are using Project Professional to synchronize tasks with TFS work item data, then you must Customize the field mapping between TFS and Project Server.

You can customize the behavior when tasks are published or refreshed. You can change which fields in Team Foundation are mapped to Microsoft Project fields. You can control if fields are only published, or both published and refreshed.

  • Customize the Microsoft Project field mapping file

    Change the way Project fields map and are published or refreshed in Team Foundation. You can customize the way in which fields are defined for work items that are stored in Team Foundation and that are mapped to fields that are defined for Microsoft Project. You can change the way specific fields are published and designate the default link type to use when you create hierarchical or tree links and dependency links.

  • Field mappings in Microsoft Project

    Review the types of Office Project fields that can be mapped to Team Foundation. You can find specific support information about how to map Team Foundation fields and Microsoft Project fields.

  • Create your backlog and tasks using Project

    Understand how fields map between Project and TFS. You can understand how data in your office project plan maps to work items in Team Foundation by viewing the Microsoft Project column mappings. The mappings identify which Microsoft Project column maps to a field in Team Foundation.

  • Upload or download the Microsoft Project Mapping file [TFSFieldMapping]

    Use the TFSFieldMapping command. To modify the Microsoft Project field mapping file for a team project, you must first download the file.

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