Inserts a new column in a list view control.

int InsertColumn( 
   int nCol, 
   const LVCOLUMN* pColumn  
int InsertColumn( 
   int nCol, 
   LPCTSTR lpszColumnHeading, 
   int nFormat = LVCFMT_LEFT, 
   int nWidth = -1, 
   int nSubItem = -1  


  • nCol
    The index of the new column.

  • pColumn
    Address of an LVCOLUMN structure that contains the attributes of the new column.

  • lpszColumnHeading
    Address of a string containing the column's heading.

  • nFormat
    Integer specifying the alignment of the column. It can be one of these values: LVCFMT_LEFT, LVCFMT_RIGHT, or LVCFMT_CENTER.

  • nWidth
    Width of the column, in pixels. If this parameter is -1, the column width is not set.

  • nSubItem
    Index of the subitem associated with the column. If this parameter is -1, no subitem is associated with the column.

Return Value

The index of the new column if successful or -1 otherwise.


The leftmost column in a list view control must be left-aligned.

The LVCOLUMN structure contains the attributes of a column in report view. It is also used to receive information about a column. This structure is described in the Windows SDK.


Header: afxcmn.h

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