CA1726: Use preferred terms


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Item Value
TypeName UsePreferredTerms
CheckId CA1726
Category Microsoft.Naming
Breaking Change Breaking - when fired on assemblies

Non-breaking - when fired on type parameters


The name of an externally visible identifier includes a term for which an alternative, preferred term exists. Alternatively, the name includes the term Flag or Flags.

Rule Description

This rule parses an identifier into tokens. Each single token and each contiguous dual token combination is compared to terms that are built into the rule and in the Deprecated section of any custom dictionaries. The following table shows the terms that are built into the rule and their preferred alternatives.

Obsolete term Preferred term
Arent AreNot
Cancelled Canceled
Cant Cannot
ComPlus EnterpriseServices
Couldnt CouldNot
Didnt DidNot
Doesnt DoesNot
Dont DoNot
Flag or Flags There is no replacement term. Do not use.
Hadnt HadNot
Hasnt HasNot
Havent HaveNot
Indices Indexes
Isnt IsNot
LogIn LogOn
LogOut LogOff
Shouldnt ShouldNot
SignOn SignIn
SignOff SignOut
Wasnt WasNot
Werent WereNot
Wont WillNot
Wouldnt WouldNot
Writeable Writable

How to Fix Violations

To fix a violation of this rule, replace the term with the preferred alternative term.

When to Suppress Warnings

Suppress a warning from this rule only if the name of the identifier is intentional and relates specifically to the original term instead of the preferred term.

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