Troubleshooting ClickOnce Deployments


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This topic helps you diagnose and resolve the most common issues with ClickOnce deployments.

In most cases, a ClickOnce application will download to a user's computer and run without any problems. There are some cases, however, where Web server or application configuration issues can cause unforeseen problems.

How to: Set a Custom Log File Location for ClickOnce Deployment Errors
Describes how to redirect all ClickOnce activation failures on a machine to a single log file.

How to: Specify Verbose Log Files for ClickOnce Deployments
Describes how to increase the detail that ClickOnce writes to log files.

Server and Client Configuration Issues in ClickOnce Deployments
Describes various issues with the configuration of your Web server that could cause difficulty downloading ClickOnce applications.

Security, Versioning, and Manifest Issues in ClickOnce Deployments
Describes miscellaneous issues surrounding ClickOnce deployments.

Troubleshooting Specific Errors in ClickOnce Deployments
Describes specific scenarios in which a ClickOnce deployment cannot succeed, and provides steps for resolving them.

Debugging ClickOnce Applications That Use System.Deployment.Application
Describes a technique for debugging ClickOnce applications that use System.Deployment.Application.

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